Only 4-5% of personal injury cases go to trial in the United States. That means that the vast majority of cases get settled pretrial. If you’ve been injured and want to file a personal injury lawsuit, then you need an injury attorney. 

They have the skills and knowledge to understand the process and guide you towards the best outcome for your case. If you’re not sure if you have a claim or need a lawyer, read through these four scenarios. 

If one of these situations applies to you, then it’s time to look for a lawyer. 

1. Your Injuries Are Severe

When can you sue a business for injuries

The more extensive and debilitating your injuries are, the more you need an attorney to help you seek compensation. An experienced attorney that works for the best personal injury law firm can accurately calculate what your injuries are worth. 

You may not know what forms of recovery are available to you. A lawyer will pursue all possible avenues of recovery. This includes future expenses from long term injuries and disabilities. 

Insurance companies calculate how much they’re willing to give you based on the severity of your injuries. The severity is based on the types of injuries you have and the total of your medical bills. 

If you agree to this total on your own, you’ll likely miss out on the entire compensation you deserve. 

2. Negotiating With the Insurance Company

Insurance companies hire expert lawyers to represent their interests. This means the deck is stacked in their favor. To level the playing field, you need to hire an attorney. 

Look for a personal injury attorney who has experience negotiating with insurance companies. You also need to decide if you’re ok with going to court if negotiations break down. The attorney needs to be on the same page as you when it comes to this. 

3. There Are Multiple Parties Involved

Personal injury lawyers Your solution to tort in case of accidents and injuries

When there are more than two parties involved, insurance claims can become complicated quickly. You’ll find that each insurance company wants to push the responsibility onto the other parties. Without a lawyer, you risk ending up with nothing because each company denies responsibility. 

The more vehicles and people that are involved in an accident, the more injuries there will be. This means less money is available per individual for recovery. You need an attorney to fight for your fair share. 

4. You Can Prove Fault 

Do you have proof that the other driver is at fault for the accident? Maybe you can show that they were under the influence of alcohol. Or perhaps you can prove without a doubt that a product was defective. 

These are situations where an attorney can help you file your lawsuit. You have a valid claim and a right to pursue it. 

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a Lawyer

If any of these situations apply to you, then it’s time to start looking for a personal injury attorney. They can help you figure out the full extent of your injuries, so you ask for the correct amount of compensation. 

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