In the United States, there are currently 40 million people who weren’t born in the country.

If you are part of that population, you might be wondering if you should hire an immigration attorney.

But when do you need to hire an immigration attorney? There are actually plenty of reasons, so make sure you keep reading!

Convicted of a Crime

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If you were convicted of a crime, you should get an attorney to represent you. When you’re applying for citizenship, every form requires you to say if you’ve been convicted of a crime or not.

You have to disclose the entire criminal record, even if you were charged with something and it was later dropped. An immigration attorney will be well versed in criminal and immigration laws, so you can hire one lawyer rather than needing two.

Delays in Application

When you’re applying for immigration, you’ll realize that the process can be very slow. If you’re wondering what the usual processing times are, you can check the USCIS website.

In some cases, it could take up to a year in order for your case to be processed.

If you’re past any of the average processing times, you might want to seek legal help to investigate what the problem is. Sometimes it could be something as simple as the USCIS making a mistake and losing applications or even sending the wrong file.

However, it can be hard to find those things out for yourself. That’s why you should hire immigration agencies in Singapore that will stay up to date on current USCIS issues and know how to figure out what’s causing the delay.

If you need your application rushed, they may also be able to help with that as well.

In the case that you are waiting for a while and still get denied, then an immigration attorney will help you repeal your application. They can figure out why your application was denied and figure out how to try again and have a higher chance of success the second time around.

Represent You in Court

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Sometimes you’ll also have to go to court, especially if you’re dealing with deportation proceedings. You should always contact a lawyer to see what all of your available options are.

When you go to court, you’re allowed to represent yourself, but you might not be sure of what the correct procedures are.

The court has all over the power over you, so it can help if you have someone on your side who knows how to fight for you.

You Were Deported

If you were recently deported, you won’t be able to come back into the United States, which means you can’t file a future application.

However, you can always hire a lawyer for help with immigration after you were deported. They may be able to find out that you were deported under the wrong circumstances, which could affect future applications.

Hire Foreign Workers

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, finding immigrants to work at your business can be legally difficult. Having an immigration attorney will help you legally do that.

As a business owner, if you want to hire immigrants, you’ll have to go through a lot of paperwork and also get a labor certification. You’ll also have to advertise the job and hire someone according to deadlines.

Hiring a lawyer will free up your time to run your business. Plus, the immigration attorney can help to expedite the process and also minimize the number of errors you could make.

Marriage Was Terminated

If you had a green card due to marriage, what do you do if your marriage ends? Thankfully, a lawyer will help you apply for citizenship.

Normally, visa applications are only based on a jointly filed marriage. If the marriage is overdue to a divorce or a death, it can be very difficult to find a way to stay in the country. That’s because it can be hard to prove that it was a real marriage.

You Don’t Have Time for Paperwork

When applying for citizenship, there will be a lot of paperwork, and you may not have time to understand all of it.

Not only will you have to fill out all of the paperwork, but you’ll also have to provide supporting evidence, which can take a long time.

It makes more sense to hire someone to do it for you, especially when they’re used to working with these items all the time. Plus, they can give you advice on exactly how to fill out the form and what evidence to provide.

You Have a Medical Condition


If you have a medical condition, especially a disease that you can pass to others, you might not be allowed to come into the United States. In that case, you’ll need an immigration attorney to help you.

The lawyer will let you know if the medical condition means you’re ineligible. If you aren’t eligible, then the lawyer will help you figure out other options.

Learn More About When to Hire an Immigration Attorney

These are only a few instances when you should hire an immigration attorney, but there are many more times when you could do this.

We know that dealing with the immigration process can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.

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