Is someone’s birthday or graduation party coming up? Are you part of the planning process and want to make sure that everyone has a blast.

If so, then it helps to know the variety of options you have for party entertainment. They make sure that you have more than just dinner chat and photo ops to rely on for a fun time.

Some options provide an opportunity for your guests to be active and creative, while others will suit children who have shown signs of aspiring to pursue certain professions when they get older. With our tips for awesome parties, you’ll be able to get the best bang for your buck.

So, do you need party entertainment? Here are options that will help you find the perfect fit.

1. Dance Teacher

Doing something that breaks a sweat may not sound like a good idea to people who want to relax at a party, but it may be the best fun they have that day. One option you have in this case is hiring a dance teacher.

These parties entertainers can be great for kids, as you have a way to keep them busy while you prepare meals. If you’re having a celebration for a birthday or a similar occasion for your kid or that of a friend’s, then hire a teacher that does classes specifically for that age group.

One way to motivate kids to get involved is to award prizes for whoever does the best dance. Pairing kids up can help them come up with cool moves for a contest.

Dance teachers can also come in handy for parties for adults. If it’s for your friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party, this can be a chance for them to work on new moves to show off on the dance floor during the wedding.

2. Petting Zoo

Some of the options we have on this list are more suited for events catered to younger audiences. Among them is bringing a petting zoo to your backyard for a birthday party.

Kids love animals, and this is the next best thing for them if they’ve always wanted to go on a camping trip or a safari. You can have handlers bring over a group of animals that includes ponies, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and ducks.

If your kid has a favorite animal, then you can hire services that species in certain species. Some services let you play and take care of sheltered animals that could end up as your new pet.

Keep an eye out for petting zoos that have multiple handlers so that there’s always someone keeping track of the ponies and other larger animals that the kids want to ride. They will also provide special snacks for kids to feed the animals to put them in more of a mood to let the kids ride them.

3. Face Painting

Is your kid(s) aspiring to be an artist and has already shown off some good painting skills? We happen to know a way to keep it fun.

Some part-time entertainers have face painting services available to make parties celebrating birthdays, communions, and other special days fun for kids. Even if your kids don’t know how to paint, this can be a fun way to introduce them to the world of art.

The teachers can show them how to paint anything from an animal to a fantasy creature. They can even learn how to make themselves look like their favorite superheroes or supervillains.

You can also volunteer your own face as the canvas for their work. This can help the adults get in on the fun.

4. Stand-Up Comedy

There are plenty of sources of fun out there in your neck of the woods if you’re looking for party entertainment for adults. One of them is stand-up comedy.

Whether you live in a suburb with a variety of malls or in a city with several comedy clubs, there’s always a place where you can get a few laughs. Going to a club helps keep the night exciting, especially if you’re going to restaurants and dance clubs along the way.

These clubs host stand-ups that include big-time players to those just getting into the game. If you have your favorites and want to save your money for them, plan your night out accordingly.

You can check out services such as Summit Comedy to find out who is performing in your town. There might be a show that will include several comedians with a good track record.

5. Bands for Party Entertainment

Some forms of party entertainment can provide a great time whether the occasion is at home or out on the town. A prime example is watching a band perform.

You can have a local band come to your house or your favorite restaurant to show off their best songs. If you have enough money, you might be able to hire a band that you might recognize on iTunes.

If you’re timing is good, you can see your favorite bands perform at the local venues or stadiums, depending on where you live. Check different websites to see which ones have the best deals on tickets.

If the person you’re celebrating for is aspiring to be a musician or a big fan of the performers, then see if they can try out their skills with the band. This may give them extra inspiration.

6. Private Chefs

Knowing how to cook is a major skill to have if you want to try something new to eat or need new meals that will improve your diet. That’s where hiring a private chef for your party comes in.

You can look for chefs that specialize in a certain area, depending on your preferences. If you want to try something other than your common options for fast food, you can have someone who makes Italian, Chinese, or Mexican dishes.

This can be beneficial for anyone at the party who wants to be a chef. They can learn hands-on from a professional and have fun doing so.

There are also chefs who specialize in desserts, including those that could combine cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, and other tasty treats. This may give you ideas for what you can make for yourself the next weekend, whether it’s for another party or just a night you want to spend staying in.

7. Science Activities

Are your kids big fans of Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and other big names in the world of science? If so, keep an eye out for science-themed activity spaces in your area.

These services may have professionals that you can hire to come to a birthday party and conduct fun and safe experiments. This is a chance to make education fun for kids who aren’t thrilled during class.

Some scientists specialize in chemistry, which can be fun for kids to want to create things that light up and explode. Others can teach kids how magnetism and electricity works.

If you’re taking your kids out for the occasion, then see if they allow the kids to take home their projects. This could motivate them to find their inner scientists and get better grades in school.

8. Laser Tag

Certain forms of party entertainment can be enjoyed by both kids and adults at the same time. If that’s what you’re looking for, then we recommend finding a place in town that offers laser tag.

Some spots let you wear whatever you have, while others offer special uniforms. This can help you reenact scenes from your favorite war and action movies.

You can have all of the kids take on all of the adults, especially if the kids are veterans in this game. Mixing it up with teams of both kids and adults is also an option.

This is also a chance for you and the kids to develop teamwork skills. You can use these skills for other activities, as well as school and work.

Our Take

Party entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes so that you and your gang have an unforgettable experience. If the service is fun enough, then you can save time figuring out what you’ll do for your next special occasion.

Some forms of entertainment work better for kids, while others are more suited for adults. If you manage to come across options that are fun for both, then we recommend taking advantage of them.

Check out more of our tips for fun occasions today so that you have an easy time having fun with friends and family.

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