Unlike previous generations, which often dreamed of big homes in the suburbs, research shows that millennials typically prefer to live in the city.Β 

There are a lot of great features associated with living in urban areas, including proximity to restaurants, shopping, and activities. Of course, the trade-off with living in the city is that space is usually at a premium. Whether you’re in an apartment or a house, the spaces tend to be more compact to accommodate a denser population.

A snug city home can be perfect for a single person or a couple. But what about when you want to have company over?

If you’re wondering how to add extra seating for your living room to seat extra guests you’ve come to the right place. Check out these five ideas for inspiration.

1. An Ottoman

An ottoman is a great piece of furniture for a small living room, because it is so versatile. When you do have extra guests, it can seat one or two people. But even when you don’t have guests, there are so many uses.

For instance, you can pull the ottoman up to the couch and use it as a footrest. If you have a board to place across it, it can even double as a coffee table. Not to mention, most ottomans offer storage space, which is also important in a small home.

2. A Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs aren’t just for college dorms anymore!

Bean bags are perfect, because they are easy to store in a closet when they’re not being used, and can provide a comfortable place for guests to sit. By the way, did you know thatΒ bean bags can help to reduce back pain?

3. Stoway Stools

Another simple seating solution is to get a couple of stools that can stow away easily. For example, a coffee table that’s slightly higher than usual can fit 2-4 stools under it. That way, they are out of sight and out of mind when not in use, but easily accessible if they need them.Β 

4. Folding Chairs

Get the image of the ugly aluminum chairs you sat on in middle school out of your head. There are plenty of options for folding chairs that are actually quite attractive looking.

A wooden folding chair, with or without a cushion, can stow easily in a closet or behind a couch. When your friends arrive, simply pull them out and set them where they’re needed.Β 

5. Add Cushions to Your Couch

This is a great way to hide extra seating in plain sight!

Consider adding 2-3 big, comfy cushions to your sofa. When you’re at home, you can use these cushions to prop yourself up, or as pillows. When you have extra guests, these can be comfortable, casual seating on the floor.

Get the Extra Seating for Your Living Room You Need

If you need extra seating for your living room, these five options can give your guests the comfort they need.Β 

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