Say what you like, straight white teeth open doors for you in terms of relationships and career options, and natural looking implants for teeth are the most sought-after choice for those wanting to replace damaged, missing teeth.

There’s a simple solution to help relieve you of the misery of missing teeth. Our teeth are amazingly strong, but general wear and tear as well as gum disease can weaken the teeth and their structure. Natural looking implants with restorative dentistry can give you a mouth full of beautiful implants that are as strong as our natural teeth.

You don’t need a prescription to go to a good dentist – just ask your excellent local dentist. Natural looking implants are a great way to achieve lovely pearly whites and a great smile.

What Are These Dental Implants?

natural looking implants

Dental implants have become a popular method of replacing lost teeth. They are metal posts that are placed into the jawbone beneath your gums and then the dentist puts replacement teeth onto them. The implants fuse to your jawbone, providing support for any artificial teeth.

The difference between dental implants and removable dentures is that in the case of a dental implant, titanium screws are attached directly to the jawbone, to which an artificial dental crown is then screwed. Because the dental implants are screwed into the jawbone, you do not have to worry about losing them and they are also easier to chew with than removable dentures.

They offer a secure fit and your bridges or crowns feel super natural when compared to conventional bridges. There was a time when the only way to replace missing teeth was with bridges and dentures. However, today natural looking implants are available, and they don’t require adjacent teeth being prepared so as to hold the new replacement tooth in place.

What Do Dental Implants Look Like?

natural looking implants

Certainly, they are made to look like your totally natural teeth. What do dental implants look like? Well, they are designed to replace missing teeth, so you can be sure they will look natural and match your other teeth.

The crown looks like a natural tooth. Your skilled dentist knows how to match the implant tooth to look just like your other teeth.

You Must Have Healthy Gums And Bones

To have these implants, you must have healthy gums and enough bone to support the dental implant. Good oral hygiene as well as regular dental visits will be of great importance for the success of your dental implants. It will be worth it over and over again and for many reasons –

  • You look and feel good because natural looking implants fuse with your bone, becoming permanent teeth. They look totally like the real thing.
  • The high success rates of dental implants make them the number one choice among patients.
  • You eat better too and you don’t have to put up with loose dentures that make chewing difficult. Implants allow you to tuck into all the foods you love without pain and discomfort and without embarrassing noises while you chew.
  • Those who wear ill-fitting dentures often battle to speak clearly as the dentures move in their mouth, However, with dental implants, you can speak clearly as the tooth or teeth remain intact in your mouth.
  • With natural looking implants you benefit from a boost in self-confidence. This confidence also comes from enjoying improved oral health. With good oral care, your dental implants can last a very long time.

Types Of Dental Implants

Types Of Dental Implants

The American Dental Association recommends these 2 types of dental implants, recommending them as totally safe –

  • Subperiosteal implants
  • Endosteal implants

These are two of the most sought-after types of dental implants. There is also the Zygomatic implant, but Endosteal is regarded as the safest one, followed by Subperiosteal.

Because of the complexities of Zygomatic, it is an implant rarely considered. As mentioned, Endosteal implants are the most common and they also suit most patients, simply requiring a healthy jawbone so that the post can fuse to it.

Subperiosteal implants, on the other hand, are the alternative to Endosteal Implants. But, instead of being fixed into the jawbone, they rest on top of the bone and under the gum. A metal frame comes under the gum with an attached post and the gum then holds it in place. This procedure is for those people who don’t have enough jawbone for an implant to be placed.

Permanent Fake Teeth

Permanent Fake Teeth

Dental implants are considered as good as permanent fake teeth. They may well need to be replaced every 20 years or so. A lot depends on how you look after them and how often you go to your dentist for dental check-ups. This is a good idea because then your dentist can pick up on dental problems and work on them before they cause serious damage.

What do dental implants look like when they are your permanent fake teeth? They are natural looking implants – a long-term fixed solution for replacing missing teeth.

The loss of teeth can result in the structure of the jaw bone changing. Your bones actually become weaker and they move or shift, causing the facial features to shift. This shifting around can eventually make it difficult to eat properly. You can’t speak and smile properly either. Permanent fake teeth can change this and restore all your abilities and your confidence.

Speak to your dentist and discuss costs. The brand of the implants, the number of teeth you need to have replaced as well as laboratory fees can all impact the cost of natural looking implants. Sometimes you have just got to go ahead and do what you know needs to be done.

There’s No Unreasonable Upkeep

The cool thing with these awesome dental implants is that they simply need to be brushed and flossed along with your other teeth. They are permanent fixtures in your mouth and they don’t require any special kind of maintenance.

A team of skilled dental professionals works on your mouth to ensure you love your new look. You’ll want to be constantly smiling with your new natural looking implants that look every bit like your real teeth.

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