A group called the National Black Prolife Coalition has teamed up with the controversial Radiance Foundation for a new video released to coincide with the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The video, titled “Epidemic,” shows colorful graphics and statistics, alongside footage of Martin Luther King Jr. The clip alleges that, since 1973, more than 15 million African-American abortions have taken place, a number it says is higher than the entire populations of four cities with large numbers of minorities: Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Boston.

Radiance Foundation has gained considerable notoriety in recent weeks, with a string of billboards that some say falsely accuses Planned Parenthood of racism. On its website, the Black Pro-life Coalition says its mission is to “promote traditional family values, from a Biblical worldview, to produce strong and healthy families where babies are safe and able to reach their full potential in life.”

Like Radiance (and other similar groups), the Coalition describes abortion as an “epidemic” similar to slavery. One of the root causes of abortion, according to the Coalition, is the decline of the African-American family:

Family. Nothing provides more stability, economically and emotionally, to our society. In the 50s, 78% of black households were headed by married two-parent homes. Today, only 30% are, and it’s killing us…literally. We need healthy marriages and families.

In a July 1 press release, the group made allusions to discrimination, saying that the July 2 anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should serve as a reminder of “another class of victims of discrimination — the babies.” The founder of Radiance Foundation, Ryan Bomberger, was quoted in the release, along with Dr. Alveda King, a prominent fixture on the pro-life circuit. According to King, the Civil Rights Act fell short:

This monumental anti-discrimination act falls short of protecting  America’s weakest and most vulnerable class of human beings, the babies  in the womb. Even the ‘Women’s Rights Movement’ should recognize the  harm to the rights of the baby girls in the womb. Other monumental  events in America’s history also did not foresee the potential harm of  failure to protect all innocent unborn babies.

King also alleged “genocide” on the part of pro-choice advocates — a common refrain from those criticizing groups like Planned Parenthood.

“Evidence of the ongoing eugenics and genocidal practices targeting our women and babies is apparent in the cases of Representative Daphne  Campbell, a Democratic politician from South Florida who stood up for her pro-life stance and was challenged by other Democrats,” said King in the release. Campbell, D-Miami Shores, made headlines in April after alleging that her fellow lawmakers were “bullying” her for her anti-abortion views.

Watch the full video:

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