Losing weight often feels like a monumental struggle, needing months if not years of diet and exercise to get any progress. Even still, stubborn fat can still hang around, making your efforts feel pointless.

Fat dissolving injections can change that! The problem is there are still many myths around fat dissolving injections. Today, we are going to change that.

Read on about the five myths and facts about fat dissolving injections.

Fact: Fat Dissolving Injections are Safe

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Fat dissolving injections work by injecting a chemical compound mix into the fat tissue. Chemical compounds in your body may trigger all sorts of alarms, but the very same chemicals are present in your body.

What fat dissolving injections do is create more of the deoxycholic acid found in your gut and targets it right to the fatty tissue.

Deoxycholic acid only works on fatty tissue and transforms it into lipids. Your lymphatic drainage system then flushes them from your body. 

The procedure is safe, uses natural chemicals, and is run by medical professionals.

Myth: They are Super Expensive

So many medical procedures can cost a massive amount of money and your insurance may not cover any of the options. 

Most fat dissolving injections are reasonable in price! The procedure is a simple injection and with prep time included will conclude within half an hour. A lot of the major medical bills, like overnight stay and anesthesia, aren’t needed!

Fact: Side Effects are Minimal

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Surgery can leave scars, have an uncomfortable healing process, and might even leave you bed-ridden for days. Some medicines can have complicated side effects that can be worse than what they are fighting.

Fat dissolving injections have neither of these problems. The natural compound synergizes well with your body and the operation requires only a single needle prick to complete.

You will be up on your feet and back to normal as soon as it’s over!

Myth: You’ll Never Need Extra Injections

While fat dissolving injections can do wonders to get rid of stubborn fat in problematic areas, it is not a miracle worker.

Most treatments will require 3 to 5 injections. This can depend on the size of the targeted area and general body composition. 

Getting rid of fat can be a process, but the results alone last for years afterward. With diet and exercise, they can be a permanent fixture. 

Fact: There Won’t Be Much Pain

Most people don’t like needles. While you can’t avoid needles here, there isn’t much that will give you pain during the procedure. A quick prick of a needle and the slight tingle of the natural fat-eating acid is all you’ll feel during the procedure.

As well, unlike surgery, there is no scar tissue or heavy healing process to go through, so soreness and irritation are not a factor. 

Facts and News You Can Trust


Fat dissolving injections aren’t meant to replace quality diet and exercise. Instead, they supplement it, providing an extra fight against unwanted and unneeded fat to get you to the body confidence you deserve.

There is so much in the news today that can get you worried. We here at the Florida Independent believe in giving you the quality truth, without the rhetoric and gloom. Check out our other articles today!

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