Salesforce is an American-based software company. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. It provides CRM (customer relationship management) service and enterprise applications for marketing automation, customer service, application development, and analytics. If you want to join the Salesforce team, take a look at these Salesforce interview questions. Hopefully, they will help you ace the interview. Read on.

10 must-know salesforce interview questions to ace the interviews

Salesforce interview questions

Salesforce is now on the top among the CRM service providers in the world. They have been rated the world’s number 1 CRM company for two consecutive years. Their market share in the Cloud CRM space has exceeded 40% of the total market share. They are not only dominating the Cloud CRM but also the overall CRM space. As of January 2021, they have more than a 19% market share of the overall CRM space.

As they are leading the market, you can guess how important an employee’s role is to them. They choose their employees carefully via interviews. So the salesforce interview questions are crucial. And even if you don’t want to work with them, their certification will help you a lot in the job market. So, here are some fundamental salesforce interview questions that we got from the experts. Hopefully, these salesforce interview questions will help you in the interview.


Can multiple users have the same profile?

Salesforce profile determines the access level that a user has in Salesforce org. And yes two users can have the same profile in Salesforce. For example, the entire service or sales team of a company uses a single profile to maintain their work. The admin can create different roles under that one profile and give access to the persons or team he/she seems fitting.

Can multiple profiles be assigned to the same user?

No. Each user can use only one profile.

What are Governor Limits in Salesforce?

salesforce interview questions


Governor limits in Salesforce are very important. It controls the data or records that can be stored in the shared database by the clients. As salesforces shared database is based on a multi-tenant architecture, they need to control the space that is being used by the clients. For that reason, they use the governor limits. This protocol is implemented by the apex run time engine.

Some different Governor Limits in Salesforce are:

  • Per-Transaction Apex Limits
  • Platform Apex Limits
  • Static Apex Limits
  • Size-Specific Apex Limits
  • Miscellaneous Apex Limits
  • Email Limits
  • Push Notification Limits

Gover limits are very crucial and one of the biggest challenges that a developer can face in Salesforce. Because if the Apex code even slightly exceeds its limit, the governor shows a run time exception. This flaw can not be handled easily. That is why a developer has to be very careful when developing an application. You face these basic salesforce interview questions.

What is a sandbox?

Sandbox is the replica of production org. It is used for development and testing purposes. It is very useful as it allows you to do development on Apex programming without interfering with the production environment.

When should you use a sandbox org?

Sandbox org is generally used when developers want to test a freshly developed Visualforce page or application. A developer can develop a new application and test it in the sandbox instead of the main production. By doing this, they can develop any application without any interference and hassle. Then they can migrate that data and metadata to the production environment. The method gives the developers a chance to do whatever they want with their application. So, it saves a lot of time.

Name the different types of sandboxes in Salesforce?

There are four types of sandboxes available in Salesforce. They are:

  • Developer
  • Developer Pro
  • Partial Copy
  • Full

Can you edit an apex class/ apex trigger in the production environment?

No. It’s not possible to modify Apex trigger/apex classes and classes directly in the production environment.

In reports, what is a bucket field?

A bucket field is used for group records by segments and ranges without using custom fields and complex formulas. When you are creating a bucket, you have to define multiple buckets( categories) that will be used in group report values.

What is a static dashboard?

A static dashboard is a basic dashboard that becomes visible to a user whenever he/she makes a report of his data. For example, a marketing manager can only see the data that his salesforce org has. This means a static dashboard shows the data from a single person’s point of view.

What is a dynamic dashboard?

A dynamic dashboard on the contrary to a static dashboard can show multiple data at the same time. For example, a marketing manager can see each and every data of his team members if he/she wants. It saves time and gives a broader view of the data.

To sum up

These 10 fundamental salesforce interview questions will help you to be prepared for the salesforce interview. These are basic but important salesforce interview questions. There are a lot of Salesforce interview questions out there. Be sure to look at those too. Wishing you a happy career.

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