More and more Americans are hitting the road due to travel restrictions. Are you ready for an unforgettable road trip? If your goal is planning a road trip, you’ll remember for years to come, and not one that you’ll regret for years on end, we’ve got you covered.

Please keep reading for our five tips for planning an unforgettable road trip.

1. Plan Out Your Itinerary

While there’s something magical about the idea of getting in your car, hitting the road, and going with the flow like you’re in a free-spirited coming of age movie, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Your itinerary is the most critical thing that can make or break a road trip.

Stagger your trip into short, bite-sized pieces that break up the monotony with a new and beautiful place to stay each night. No one likes being stuck in a car for several hours with nothing to do but check out the next toilet stop.

There is always something fun, beautiful, and exciting along the way. You just have to make it a point to find it.

2. Choose Your Companions Carefully

Before you commit to planning a road trip with someone, make sure you know it’s someone you will never be tempted to abandon at the nearest gas station when things get tense.

When choosing your companions, choose someone with one of these traits:

  • Knows how to change a tire
  • Knows how to read a map
  • Great at entertaining and making everybody laugh
  • Shows no signs of being a backseat driver

Sometimes it’s your company that makes the road trip, not the destination. So choose carefully.

3. Have Snacks Readily Available

No one likes being hangry (angry due to hunger). No one likes dealing with someone hangry either! When you’re planning a road trip, it’s crucial you make sure no one ever goes 3 hours max without eating.

Even if it’s just a light snack like a bag of chips, having snacks readily available reduces the chances of hunger-induced arguments that never would’ve happened if you prepared.

4. Technology and Accessories

Keeping technology in mind is essential when it comes to road trip planning. In case you run into any areas with spotty internet, download your map before your trip. Every stop along the way, continue to download your map if you need to use it offline. Also, make sure everyone has a portable charger, or a power bank, for their phone.

If you’re traveling with multiple people, investing in a Best Roof Box is the perfect solution if you’re short on storage space. This ensures everyone is traveling with everything they need, and no one has to sacrifice because of a shortage of space.

5. Have a Backup Plan

When planning a road trip, it’s crucial you always have a backup plan in place. Sometimes an emergency happens, or your itinerary simply melts away, which is why having two itineraries is better than having one.

Having a backup plan prepared could save you some time and hassle if things don’t go according to plan. When you have a Plan B, you’re also more likely to be cool, calm, and collected if your plans go sideways versus panicked.

Planning a Road Trip

If your goal is planning a road trip, you’ll remember for years to come, and not one that you’ll regret for years on end, we’ve got you covered. If you’re ready for an unforgettable road trip, keep our five tips in mind!

Got any road trip planning tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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