There’s no shortage of hunting accessories on the market. And some of them are certainly not cheap.

You may be wondering, which gadgets are worth adding to your gear, and some are just not up to the hype.

Are you looking to up your hunting game? Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for the hunter in your life.

Here we’ll name our 5 must-have hunting accessories, so you know what’s worth adding to your list before heading out for hunting season.

What to Look For in Hunting Accessories

Depending on the type of hunting you’re doing, you’ll probably already be toting a lot of gear. Whether you’re driving out to a location, off-roading with an ATV, or straight hiking with everything on your bag, you likely want to pare it down to just the essentials.

The best hunting accessories are going to be things that are either light or worth their weight in what they can do for you. These are either going to be because they can help you to be more successful in your hunt, or for the added comfort they can provide while you’re out in the field.

1. Scent Killer

Essential Hunting Accessories

Animals are more tuned in to their environments than we are. Spending their entire lives outside, they’re attuned to the more minute changes in their environment. This includes scent.

An animal can detect your scent and be spooked away well before you ever even pick up its trail. But with a scent killer, you can mask your scent, making it easier for you to retain the element of surprise.

There are a number of brands out there, but we like this highly rated scent killer from the tried and true Scent Killer Brand. It’s in the name

2. Heat Activated Repellant Device

Nothing kills your mood out on the hunt by being swarmed by mosquitos, wasps, and other insects. After hiking all day with gear, mosquitos are attracted to your sweat and start biting like crazy. And if you do manage to bag a kill, the wasps will be on you in no time.

But traditional bug sprays and repellants rely on a strong smell to be effective. Smells, we already know, will tip off your prey to your approach.

Heat-activated repellant devices are great because they keep the bugs off you without creating a scent. Instead, they use heat to create a barrier around you that repels mosquitos and other insects. So not only will they not bite you, but you won’t have them buzzing around your head either.

Heat-activated devices can either be battery-powered or fueled by butane. Battery-powered ones tend to be lighter, but are more difficult to keep charged on longer trips. Find one that works best for the type of hunting trip you’ll be doing.

3. Chest Holsters

Best hunting radio

Chest holsters are must-have hunting accessories, and they’re practical for carrying ammo, binoculars, and other miscellaneous gear. While backpacks are great, they don’t allow for easy access while walking.

Taking a backpack on and off is not just annoying—it can create unnecessary noise, especially if you’re trying to reach for your binoculars or ammo while close to your prey.

These chest holsters from Raxco gear are comfortable for wearing all day out in the field and will help you keep things organized.

4. Electronic Game Caller

Electronic game callers are essentially speakers through which you can play different animal sounds. They’re great for attracting your prey to you.

Especially if you’re looking for duck hunting accessories or turkey hunting accessories, a game caller is a good investment as one piece of equipment can be programmed for many different types of animals.

This eliminates the need to manage many different types of manual game callers, which can be cumbersome to take out into the field.

Check out this electronic game caller from FoxPro. These are high-quality callers, and standard from professional wildlife and game managers.

5. Trail Camera

Hunting for Food

Trail cameras are a great tool to use. If you’re hunting on your own property, installing one of these will help you track where you’re prey is frequenting and what times of day they tend to be out.

This saves you a ton of time having to stalk and get to know the patterns of your prey, especially if you are hunting a herd game like elk or deer. This makes a trail camera a great addition to your deer hunting accessories.

Moultrie makes an excellent and affordable trail camera. But be warned—if you’re not hunting on your own property or on the property of someone you know, it may be illegal to put one of these up. Be sure to check the local restrictions for the places you intend to hunt.

Honorable Mention: Hand Warmers

Not quite a hunting accessory, per se. But if you’re out hunting in the winter months, a couple of these in your pockets will significantly improve your mood.

And the best part? They’re cheap and light and come in bulk packages. Throw a couple in your hunting bag and you’re good to go. No more numb trigger finger.

Hunting Accessories Worth Buying

While none of these gadgets are absolutely necessary for a successful hunt, this list of hunting accessories we’ve put together will greatly increase your comfort while spending long hours out in the field on the hunt.

Any of these will make a worthwhile addition to your hunting gear. Or make the perfect gift for the avid hunter in your life.

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