There are lots of reason for you to have multiple social media traffic sources if you want to gain more traffic to your site. Ideally, social media channels are the most important resource for marketers irrespective of their kind and size to find new followers and traffic to their sites. 

  • When you have multiple social media sources, you will have a lot of referral traffic. In most of the cases it is seen that, most of the users visit a website due to a suggestion made by their friends or family. 
  • It is important for every marketer to impress them in their first visit as that will have a significant role to play in making them a repeat visitor. That means you will have to establish a deeper and better connection with them, and these social channels will help you to do exactly that.
  • The social channels will also make you a better listener. This will not only help you to gain valuable information regarding the likes and dislikes of your customers but will also help you to know about their buying pattern and history as well. You will also be able to gain valuable insights on how they feel about your business and product and make necessary amendments accordingly.
  • You will also gain information how they behave as well as the topics that they like to hear about the most. Knowing about their interests you will be able to create contents that they will like and wish to see. This will generate more click throughs and traffic to your site. In addition to that, if you add promotions and offers in your content it will be further easier for you to generate more traffic and revenue.

You will make more new friends and followers and gain more real Instagram likes when you use these social media sites. This is very important to gain more traffic to your site because simply relying on the people you know or who are already familiar with your site will not do any good to the traffic count to your site or to your business revenues. You will need more friends, fans and followers as inbound traffic to your site.

Conquer new horizons with social media

Social Media in SEO

With the use of social media in the proper way you will be able to get off too and conquer new horizons. Since every profile added on social media will open another new path on your road map to get more traffic to your site, it will make it easier for them to reach to your site having better and newer avenues to take. 

If the content in those profiles is of high quality, you will have a better and newer opportunity to get a new visitor which means:

  • More traffic
  • More conversions
  • More sales and 
  • More profits.

This will help you to tap into all those new resources and sources that are widely known. Of course, there are several other different things to try such as:

  • Making a profile on all available social media networks 
  • Crafting a better Webinar as per the requirement of a particular social channel
  • Ensuring a better ‘SlideShare’
  • Creating a YouTube channel or a Google+ page and much more.

However, for all these approaches make sure that you follow the guidelines and meet with all the requirements such as embedding a link to your website.

Friendly and special treatment

Social Media Effects On Your Business

The social media channels will enable you to be friendly and at the same time get and provide the special treatment you or your customers deserve. These channels will provide you with an opportunity to interact with your regular users in a much better way. This will help you to:

  • Show and earn good faith to and from the new and potential customers
  • Compliment your product or service which is the primary reason people turn to the social media
  • Gain a new follower when they post your name even if they simply begin to follow you
  • Get more people talking about you and your product across all the social platforms
  • Create a higher brand authority
  • Interact with the major influencers on social networks and 
  • Raise the visibility and authority of your site

All you need to do to ensure all these is to be very active on the social media, and it means very active!

You will be able to give special treatment and value top your followers when you interact with them through the social media. This will in turn help you to acknowledge them publicly, thanks to social media. When the audience feels special and cared for, they will also care for you and click on the links to know more about you, thereby increasing the number of traffic to your site.

Speak out loud

Plan Your Social Media Strategy in Advance

When you use specific social channels such as Instagram or Pinterest other than the most common ones such as Facebook and Twitter, you will be able to speak out louder and convey your message even better and more comprehensively.

Since pictures speaks louder than words you can add a video to your content or an animated GIF if the site allows you to attract more people. While Facebook is text based and users are more likely to click on a post if only the text is appealing, these social channels will give you a larger opportunity to reach out and win more traffic to your site. 

Lastly, you will always be on time with your posts, repots, repurposing and re-Instagramming. There are several different and useful tools that will help you to know about the current trends to follow for posting in terms of the elements to include and the time to post. 

To sum it up  

It is only when you are extremely active of social media and use all its different networks available you will be able to interweave yourself into the web world more comprehensively. You will need to be skillful and strategic in your approach so that you are visible and take the full advantage of the current as well as the upcoming trends in social media marketing.

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Emily Lynn is an Instagram Influencer and has a large number of followers on this visual sharing platform. She has helped several people and companies to win real instagram likes over the years. Follow her blogs to gain the same.

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