Multi-purpose cryptocurrencies are already in circulation and the myriad of upcoming options are bound to leave the world in confusion. As if this sector is not vast enough already, the sheer number of options can get taxing to select from. This is also true for older players of the game. It is not easy to be able to identify and buy cryptocurrencies with absolute certainty of profits. The first learning most people encounter upon entering the field of investing in cryptos is that the market is not stable. The prices fluctuate rapidly and erratically which may cause a lot of distress to individuals especially if they are not prepared for it.

Bitcoin, while profitable, may not be the most versatile cryptocurrency there is. Therefore, many people are moving past BTCs and looking for assets that have more to offer. There would be no one best cryptocurrency to invest in that would be universally recognized as the definition keeps changing according to people’s needs and demands.

Invest In Multi-Purpose Cryptocurrencies

However, to make your overall task easier, here is a list of some of the good and versatile cryptos that you can consider investing in.


1. Ethereum – The second-largest and the first versatile network that provided the users with not just a crypto, but also a networking platform to be able to trade in smart contracts and decentralized apps, is worth considering. It is also one of the most promising currencies that are predicted to see a surge in prices via long-term investments.

2. Ripple – It jumped to becoming the third-largest cryptocurrency a while back, even in the Indian market. This crypto is the definition of versatility as it consists of the following – a coin (XRP), a seamless and safe blockchain network, and this network is the go-to solution for huge banking institutions for payments all across the globe. The quick transfers and low transaction fees are just an added advantage that makes Ripple all the more appealing to users all across the globe

3. Litecoin – This coin has several advantages – it is the world’s first peer-to-peer and open-sourced crypto. Not only has it maintained its position in terms of the market cap but it has also posed a serious threat to bitcoin as it is becoming increasingly popular and works on the same overall principles. It enables the users to be able to conduct transactions with almost negligible cost payments/


4. Tron – Tron originated in Asia however, now it has found its place on the global charts of the popular and versatile cryptocurrencies. The proof of its success can be seen in the TRON to INR value and the surge it has witnessed since its launch. It moves a step further than all the cryptos as it also aims to be a hosting platform for several global entertainment systems that would help in the effective sharing of content digitally with lower costs.

5. Binance Coin – Coming from the developers of one of the most popular exchange platforms for cryptocurrency, BNB now lies within the top 10 cryptos that dominate the market cap. This coin is high in terms of liquidity and this is a factor that comes in handy during the trading of crypto. If you are looking for a versatile investment that even shows a lot of promise in the long term, BNB would be one of the most ideal options.

6. Shiba Inu – The rise of this coin did not take much time as it only launched in 2020 August. The constant chatter surrounding this coin in the market led to its sharp rise and it generated more than 40 million dollars in less than 12 months.

Shiba Inu

There are several cryptos that exist apart from these that have a lot to offer in terms of finances and growth. Make sure to check them out before you begin investing

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