Moving with a baby is not an easy task as moving itself is a very hectic job. Handling a nagging baby and juggling moving boxes at the same time is overwhelming. But as they say that everything is possible with proper planning so if others can do then so can you. New-born children don’t understand the changes happening around him, so it is your responsibility to satisfy their needs first. Moving becomes more of an adventure with a baby around.

It is advised to avoid a move with a new-born but then there are situations where you cannot avoid the upcoming move. For example, in case someone lives in a rented apartment and the owner asked them to move out within a certain period then the situation is definitely unavoidable. Here are few tips and tricks recommended by the best out of state movers to move and organize your schedule without leaving your new-born child unattended:

Discuss the Move and Make a Plan

Moving with a new-born can be a success with a lot of patience and planning. Moving will be a stressful event when you have a baby with you so create a proper and strict moving schedule. Scheduling your move is the most basic yet important part of your move. It will organize your entire move properly and you will be able to complete all moving tasks within the allocated time. This will also help you in giving an insight into the moving process and what all you will need in the next process.

De-cluttering is the key. Slowly and steadily keep on taking out the stuff that you do not use before the movers come in and start packing. Start working on your moving plan at least 6-8 weeks before your moving day. Don’t even try a DIY move with a baby instead hire a professional moving company to help you throughout the moving process.

Keep Your Baby’s Stuff Organized and Stick to Your Routine While Packing Everything Else

Though you can pack the things that are not needed for the baby in the coming days but keep all the other stuff organized. Make sure that you have organized and kept all of your baby’s stuff properly while packing your entire household. Pack your baby’s stuff in the end. And unpack and organize your baby’s room at first when you reach your new house.

Try to stabilize your baby’s routine during the entire moving process as it is very important. Change in routine can cause stress so try to keep baby’s nap time, bed-time, and eating routine the same. Don’t overdo, have proper sleep, and rest yourself too.

Make sure you pack an essentials bag for your baby a night before your moving day. Along with all the necessary things, be sure to add some emergency stuff to the baby kit. Pack some change clothes, toiletries, shoes, some clean towels, wet wipes, mineral water, routine medicines if any, and food. Don’t forget to keep a first aid kit to be ready for any emergencies. You can even avail of this service from your moving company if you are not short of funds.

Consult Your Pediatrician (Very Important)

Don’t forget to consult your pediatrician before you start your moving process as your pediatrician can be your biggest ally during this stressful and overwhelming time. Talk to the pediatrician if you can take some precautionary steps to make your move smoother as a doctor can give you the right advice about your child’s needs. Ask for references for a new pediatrician in your new locality. Gather all your baby’s medical records and reports. Make sure you have all the records of baby vaccination to avoid any delay in the routine vaccination.

Once you have moved, fix an appointment with a good local pediatrician as soon as possible. Get your baby’s routine check-up done and make sure everything is fine. As your baby’s health is most important for you, make sure you don’t skip meeting a pediatrician at your new place.

Avoid a DIY Move and Hire a Professional Moving Company

Choosing a DIY move with a baby is not a wise decision. A professional moving company has can make your move easy, convenient, and safe. You can opt for services like packing, loading, unloading, and even unpacking. Your moving company will also take care of the transportation of goods from your old place to your new place. Moving companies even pay for any damages and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Moving with a new-born baby cannot be taken lightly and you should take all the safety measures during the whole process. It is a whole new experience. A moving company can help you in a much organized and smoother move as they can do everything on your behalf in much less time than you can.

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