Florida is the third most populous country in the US. It also goes by the name “The Sunshine State”. Because the weather is always sunny and there are minimal cold days. Even though there are some cons of living in Florida such as bad storms that occur from time to time, many people move there every day. Florida is a really popular destination for tourists too. We could say that Florida is in style nowadays and there are definitely some moving trends in Florida that people go by.

Sunny Isles Beach

2019. is definitely the year of Sunny Isles Beach. It was popular over the past years, but this year everyone is searching to buy or rent a home in this magnificent place. Sunny Isles Beach is a city located on a barrier island which is what makes it interesting. People call this placeΒ  ‘The City of Sun and Sea’. Most of the homes were vacant up to 2019. But now more and more people are moving to Sunny Isles Beach for good. Because of this, experts that can help you move in Sunny Isles Beach area always have a lot of work to do. So if you are planning on moving to Sunny Isles you better think months in advance. Even though Sunny Isles Beach isn’t too expensive, you might need to save some extra cash because the prices are rising.

Sunny Isles Beach is great for all ages. There are enough schools for children, there are three elementary schools and a few middle and high schools. Not just that, but there are many fun things you can do here. Even if you are older, you will enjoy them 100%. Another advantage of this beautiful place is that it’s multicultural. Not just that but it’s also full of tourists all year long. So if you mind the constant beach parties and a lot of people, we have a few suggestions for you too.

Moving Trends in Florida 2019

Sunny Isles Beach is the most popular place that people are moving to.

Entertainment in Sunny Isles Beach

There are many things you can do there.

  • cinemas
  • modern art museums
  • riding bicycles along the coast
  • spending the day at one of many wonderful beaches
  • visit cocktail bars

Sunny Isles Beach is a famous spot for bachelor parties. So if you are thinking about where to go, this is the place for that. Plus it’s affordable’


Parkland is known for its zoning laws, which are designed to protect the “park-like” character of the city. Because there are so many wonderful parks, families started moving there because of the fresh air. When you have so many parks around you, you need to buy a bicycle for your child and spend some quality time with them.Β  And this city wasn’t a place where people bought vacant homes. Those were Sunny Isles Beach and Palm Beach. Although Parkland isn’t very affordable it is definitely beautiful and safe. Their education facilities are getting better and better over the years.

Moving Trends in Florida 2019

Parkland is perfect for families.


Despite being the capital of Florida, Tallahassee is laid-back, with a slow pace of life. The student population gives it a vibrant art and cultural scene. The surrounding area has some nice nature spots for people looking to get out of the city. Even though it’s the capital of Florida, Tallahassee isn’t expensive. You can find a decent home for not a lot of money. Tallahassee is perfect for families because it’s such a laid-back city. But over the years, many students have been moving across the country to Tallahassee for college.

St. Petersburg

This city is situated at the tip of the Tampa Bay peninsula. It was once solely known as a popular spring break town. But now not so much. Now there are some lovely street art murals everywhere in town and the historic center is an energetic and trendy place. St Petersburg’s lively cultural scene and beautiful beaches make it well worth a visit. And because of all this, St. Petersburg became one of the best cities in Florida. No wonder so many young people have been moving there lately. It’s very affordable considering you have everything you need in one place. It’s a multicultural city and it’s just now discovered by tourists. Over the next few years, St. Petersburg will grow and evolve into a much more beautiful city than it already is. And it’s becoming famous as Always in Season City.

Moving Trends in Florida 2019

There are more and more tourists every summer.

Fort Lauderdale

This city was famous among students in the earlier years but now a different type of people comes here. People who enjoy jazz, bars, and cocktails. It’s a lively place, with lots going on. And there are still some great bars and clubs for partygoers. The busy port is constantly filled with cruise ships. The coast of the city is lovely and peaceful though – it has fantastic beaches and great restaurants. Living here is very relaxing. There is a lot of space for business in Fort Lauderdale. Especially if you are a programmer in Florida. That’s why it’s in the top 10 of moving trends in Florida.


People who want to live in Florida most certainly want to live near the coast. Because of the beautiful beaches and the soft sand. Not just that but also because homes in Florida can be really affordable. Maybe because Florida has a lot of bad weather. But the people who want to live there are ready to look over that fact and do everything they can to live in one of the places that are now the moving trends in Florida. If you are planning on moving in any of the cities we stated here, you better book a moving company now.

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