Your human resources are the most valuable resource you have. You know this and that’s why you relocate trusted and skilled employees rather than just hiring locally.

But getting employee relocation right can be a challenge. You want them focused on the job as soon as possible, and there are things you can do to help make that happen.

Read on for five tips to make employee relocation a success.

1. Have a Robust Relocation Policy

No matter the size of your business or how many employees you relocate, both you and they need to know where they stand.

There are certain benefits and payments due to employees who are relocating. Having this clearly laid out in an HR policy helps them to make an informed decision and know exactly where they stand. The end result will be happier and more productive employees.

Check out a sample policy to make sure yours is clear and fit for purpose.

2. Cover Moving Costs

Your employee will likely have mixed feelings about moving. You can sweeten the deal by reducing the financial burden on them by covering their moving costs.

This naturally includes the cost of physically relocating them – moving trucks, flights maybe and gas.

But there are plenty of hidden costs of moving, such as termination fees for services and utilities, that can bite your employees hard. You can show you care by making these part of the package.

3. Consider Relocation Services

There are firms out there that take the hard work out of relocation by making all the arrangements for you, or more precisely for your employee. It’s also a sincere gesture of putting your employees first. These firms provide corporate relocation services that can help alleviate the uncertainty and stress of moving cross-country.

That includes helping them find a place, get it set up, as well as covering the actual logistics of the move. Their services can be tailored in line with your relocation policy and could greatly simplify the process for everyone. 

4. Throw in an Orientation Visit

This is especially useful if you’re relocating an employee to another country that they haven’t visited before. You can pay for the employee and their spouse to go on a fact-finding trip.

The focus is not really to see how they like living there but to help them to find somewhere suitable to live and begin making practical arrangements. This might include schooling and even investigating job opportunities for their significant other.

If you go this route, be prepared to cover flight, accommodation, and food while they’re away.

5. Incentivize the Move

An alternative to managing the move for them is giving your employee a relocation bonus.

Most businesses use this as a simple way to put the employee in charge of their own relocation while sweetening the deal. One caveat though – it needs to be good enough to make it worth their while.

You might find it simpler to offer a reduced incentive but care for more of the logistics. This gives you greater control and reduces stress for the employee.

The Takeaway: Successful Employee Relocation

Successful employee relocation is all about making them feel as well cared for as possible.

Take the stress out of the move by doing all you can to help them get into their new area and new home as quickly as they can. Get it right, and they won’t miss a beat!

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