For the past 5 months, the world has been on high alert and everything has virtually been put on hold with COVID-19. The pandemic caused an unusual health and human crisis. The measures needed to check the spread of the virus have led to an economic slowdown. Times are certainly difficult, however, if you are prepared to be responsible and stick to the regulations and guidelines laid down for your own safety, you need not panic.

If you need to move during these times, it is very much possible, and you can still make it as stress-free as possible. Some people have postponed their moving, little knowing that the coronavirus was not here to stay for a few weeks, but for many months, and possibly a year – who knows?

Know the Moving Company’s COVID-19 policies

Health and safety are imperative if you are someone with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes. Even a move can be precarious for you. The best way to feel safe with a move is to understand what a moving company’s COVID-19 policies are.

You can be sure that the best moving company will have all the best practices of sanitation in place and that their workers will all have masks on as well as sanitizers. Normal body temperature is about 97.9°F so any worker pitching up on the day of the move with a higher temperature than allowed, will not be included among the staff. All staff has to be free of a dry cough, fatigue and fever.

Security measures with the best movers

By choosing a reputable moving company, you can expect safety measures in place to ensure a safe move for you. Fortunately, moving services such as Allied Van Lines is there for your next relocation.

They take care of everything you could possibly think about during your upcoming relocation, whether local or long distance.

With more than 85 years of experience, they are exceptionally qualified and offer the most inclusive moving services there are including storage.

During COVID-19, they are still helping customers and they implement several security measures which include among others the monitoring of staff and doing estimates via video and virtual methods.

The American Moving & Storage Association are concerned about the health and safety of all those who have to move. They offer a word of advice, telling movers to always check out useful resources such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This way they are up to date with COVID-19 news.

Far less risk with the right movers

Movers, according to federal rules, can operate, and it is up to every mover to check out their commercial- or residential moving company to work out a good time to move during the pandemic. All you need to know will be revealed on the web pages and then it is just a case of trusting them to safely move you towards new beginnings.

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