If you want to add a little flair to your salad, try giving it a fantastic twist with some of the best toppings for salads. Try these awesome toppings. They will not only make your mixed greens stand out, but they will be tasty as well.

1. Dried Fruit

Fruits have so many excellent benefits for your health. They are high in fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Some people even say that dried fruit is healthy in salads since it contains no fats. Make sure you add fruits like dried cranberries, coconut, raisins, and dried apricot to your list of toppings. They are even healthier with other items like toasted slivered almonds, walnut halves, and roasted pumpkin seeds.

2. Whole Grains

It might surprise you to know that whole grains are a good topping for salads. Whole-grain ingredients are fresh and nutritious. They are a great source of complex carbohydrates, which are useful when losing weight.

Enjoy healthy salads without feeling guilty about overeating. Grains like quinoa or Bulgar are a brilliant idea for any health-conscious person to consider. The healthier the grain, the more beneficial it will be to your overall diet. A quick search on the internet for types of grains can reveal some great recipes for adding whole grains to salads and other dishes.

3. Beans and Legumes

Beans and Legumes are great toppings for salads, and they’re very versatile. They add texture, protein, fiber, and many nutrients to your salads without too much sodium. Beans, legumes, and nuts are also a primary source of heart-health. They go great with balsamic vinaigrette, but you can use them in any way you want.

4. Fresh Fruit

If you like the idea of salads with more than a plain tomato on top, you have options. Try going with one of the many types of fresh fruit as a topping. Fruit slices are a great way to add more fiber to your diet and get plenty of vitamins. It also is a good choice as a healthy snack between meals.

Adding different fruits to your salads will give you various tastes to mix and match with your dressings. When pairing vegetables with fresh fruits and fresh herbs, you will find that they not only taste good, but they are excellent for your health.

5. Baked Tortilla and Pita Chips

Baked tortilla or pita chips are a great salad topping and serves as a healthy meal alternative to the main course. People make them from white flour, butter, Mexican seasoning, salsa or sour cream, and guacamole. Eat them with salads, but are usually used in their own salads to offer a fresh and healthy taste.

Many people searching for baked tortilla or pita chips may not know that they can prepare their own at home. The best way to prepare them is to bake them in the oven, then wrap each one in aluminum foil for extra crispness.

6. Cheese

Cheeses make a great topping with any salad. Cheese has a very nice flavor that goes nice with various dressings, especially a creamy dressing. Some great cheeses to use in salads are:

  • Cheddar
  • Goat or Mixed-Milk
  • Parmesan
  • Blue cheese
  • Swiss

They are also a healthier alternative to adding dressing altogether while still delivering a delicious taste and texture. To stay away from processed ingredients, look for an organic variety free of additives and preservatives.

7. Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you’ve never tried hard-boiled eggs before, then you’re in for a treat when you try them on salads as a topping option. They have just the right amount of saltiness and tang to give your greens a great all-natural boost.

Hard-boiled eggs are especially good for people who like their food salty. The eggs have a high protein content, which is good for the heart because it contains essential minerals like calcium and potassium. This helps to maintain good health and strength of the arteries. People who have diabetes can even use boiled egg yolk as part of their regular diet. It contains nutritious fats that help reduce blood glucose levels. There are many ways that hard-boiled eggs make a delicious and healthy topping that you won’t want to pass up. You can search the internet for some of these recipes.

8. Avocados

Using avocados makes a great and delicious topping for salads. Not only is it a tasty addition, but it also contains healthy antioxidants. Proteins available in avocados make them perfect for people with diabetes. Avocados are so versatile that you can use them in many ways. You can use this delicious topping on all kinds of salads since the flavor is subtle.

They will indeed become a staple in your kitchen after your first time adding them to other fresh veggies. If you are looking for a perfect way to add flavor to avocados on salads, try adding a splash of citrus. Avocado dressing is another easy addition to your favorite baby spinach blend.

How to Use Your Toppings

By now, you should have a good idea of how to add uniqueness to your salads. The chances are that you might wonder where you could use those toppings. Thanks to the Internet, options are abundant. For more recipes and salad toppings, visit Mealfan.com . You can now prepare well-balanced salads and also have a little fun with it.

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