It can be so hard to find the motivation to get all of your work done. Homework so often feels like busywork and doing it feels useless. Why bother if it won’t actually help you in any way?

In reality, homework is often helpful for keeping ideas fresh in your mind after school is over. That time is crucial for solidifying difficult concepts in your brain.

But how can you make yourself do it?

We can’t give you motivation but we can offer a few suggestions that might help. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Do It Before You Lose Steam

Sometimes the hardest part about doing homework is getting up and doing it after you’ve been relaxing. How can you gather that energy after you’ve been laying down, watching television, or playing games?

It’s even worse if you have a job after school.

Doing your work the second that you’re able without taking a break might be the trick to keeping your brain in “on mode” so that you don’t slow down. Sometimes you just need to power through it. If your bus has bus WiFi you can even consider doing it before you get home.

2. Reward Yourself After

Some people call this “the toddler method”. Basically, you’re using positive reinforcement to force yourself to get work done.

It doesn’t have to be anything big. Maybe you won’t let yourself eat dessert until your work is done, or maybe you won’t be able to go out and see your friends. That makes dessert and friends rewards.

These self-imposed restrictions and rewards may give you the boost that you need.

3. Try Changing Your Location

When you’re at home it’s easy to get distracted with all of the other things that you could be doing. You could be cleaning your room, doing chores, talking to your family, or any number of things that you wouldn’t otherwise be thinking about if you didn’t have a task in front of you.

If it’s nice out, try sitting outdoors for a bit of vitamin D. Otherwise try sitting in a coffee shop or library. Sometimes a change of scenery makes all the difference.

4. Turn Off Distractions

So you’re doing your homework when suddenly you get a text, or an Instagram notification, or an email from your favorite store about a sale. Suddenly you’re off-track.

When you’re doing your work turn off all of the extra devices that aren’t needed for the task at hand. You can download apps for your computer to put a timed lock on websites that you don’t need.

If you don’t have enough self-control to ignore the notifications you need to force that control onto yourself.

5. Make a Study Group

Sometimes the hardest part of doing homework is getting stuck somewhere and losing motivation. Making a study group with your friends gives you a shared pool of knowledge so that you can help each other.

It also gives you something to look forward to. Doing your homework is more fun when you involve other people.

Now Go Do Your Homework!

Getting homework done is such a pain but these tips can make it easier. Next time you’re feeling stuck try a new strategy to stay motivated and get that work done.

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