Engagement rings undoubtedly are a symbol of the love shared by two people. But did you know that each ring style also has its own story to tell? That’s right, just like how each couple has their own story to tell, so does every ring style. If you plan on proposing and haven’t found your perfect ring yet, this article is just for you!

Read on to know all about the four most popular ring styles and what they symbolize.

1. Solitaire

Solitaires are by far the most popular style of engagement rings. Sophisticated and elegant, these rings traditionally feature a single gemstone, usually a diamond on a metal band. Since there is only one stone set in the entire piece of jewelry, the solitaire setting draws all the attention to the gemstone’s beauty. Solitaire rings say, “You are the only one for me.” Just like its classic and timeless design, solitaire engagement rings also symbolize pure and timeless love.

2. Halo

After solitaire, the halo continues to be the most popular engagement ring style for modern couples. In a halo ring, the center stone is surrounded by a collection or a “halo” of smaller gems. The halo in these rings adds sparkle to the design and uplifts the charm of the center gemstone. It also enhances the size of the center stone and makes it appear more prominent. Halo rings even symbolize loyalty, togetherness, and commitment in a relationship.

3. Three Stone

Also known as the trilogy rings, three stone engagement rings are widely popular, and besides being an attractive option, they also have a significant meaning attached to them. The three stones stand to signify a couple’s past, present, and future, radiating their love’s timelessness. Generally, the ring consists of a bigger center stone, which represents the present, flanked by smaller gemstones that symbolize the past and future. Today, many couples opt to mix and match diamonds with colored gemstones for a unique yet eye-catching look.

4. Infinity

These rings are characterized by the infinity symbol that resembles the number eight. They are perfect for symbolizing the never-ending bond of love between you and your partner. There are multiple ways in which this sign can be incorporated into the ring’s design. While some ring designs have the sign right at the center, in others, you’ll find it on the band. Either way, infinity rings are a great choice when it comes to engagement rings.

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