It’s said that a picture says much more than words, but videos take visual impact to the next level. Market researchers have found that people are spending more and more time watching video online. And with marketing videos being usable across all your online marketing communications channels, you can be sure that you’ll get plenty of mileage out of each one you make. What’s more, Google searches favor content that includes video footage these days – so your search engine rankings will rise if your website content is paired with videos.

Once you’ve decided that reaching your audience more effectively means making a video, or even a series of videos, you’ll be wondering how to make the most of the trend.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling

Have Your Video Professionally Produced

Specialists in video production, West Palm Beach, point out that professionalism is everything. While you can get away with a video you made yourself on your cell phone on your personal blog or YouTube channel, people expect more from companies. People “shop with their eyes” when watching videos, and getting every element as professional-looking as possible is a priority.

Since videos are a means of communicating your company’s image, you need to ensure that the message you’re sending isn’t low-to-no-budget and amateurish. Amateur video makes you look like you aren’t serious and may even be broke – not the kind of message you want to convey!

Grab Attention With Carefully-Planned Video Content

If you view your website stats (and you should), bounce rate is the indicator that says whether you’re grabbing people’s attention or whether your content drives them elsewhere.  Videos are no different.

The first thing most people look at is viewing time. If it’s going to take more than a few minutes to get your message across, they’re less likely to watch. Once they start viewing your video, you have a few seconds to get their attention with something they want to know. If you don’t give viewers something that interests, excites, or amuses them, they’ll move on to another video that delivers what they’re looking for.

Share it Far and Wide

Once you have your video, it’s time to make yourself famous with it. That means viewers, and the more views a video has, the more likely prospects are to watch it. Begin with the converted – your business’s most loyal ambassadors. Ask them what they think of your new video and you’ll get views and valuable feedback.

To help your video get exposure to a relevant audience, you should use search keywords in the title. What do people type into their search bar when looking for a business like yours? You can check the popularity of various keywords by using Google’s AdWords tools – you’re looking for the ones with high search volumes and low to medium competition. Play your cards right, and search engine algorithms will pick up on it and give you a good ranking.

Be excited about your video! It should be on your website, and you should certainly share it on social media channels. The more traffic you can drive to take a look at your video, and the more likely that audience is to view it, the better the results will be.

Do Better Than Your Competitors

If your video is better than your competitors’ you will have the edge on conversion, even if your business is far smaller than theirs is. Best of all, a professional video will cost you less than more traditional marketing methods such as print ad campaigns – and if you have optimized it correctly, viewers will be people who are already interested in your product or service. From there on, it’s up to you to make a convincing statement that takes viewers from being interested to choosing you when it’s time to open their wallets.

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