Drug prices have become a looming issue over most of America. Many families have trouble affording the prescriptions they need, so they turn to generic prescriptions.

The problem then shifts to the price rise of even those generic prescriptions. Understanding which prescriptions may be on the rise can help you prepare for price hikes and how to counteract them.

Which drugs have become the most expensive common prescription drugs? We have the answers below.

The Most Expensive Common Prescription Drugs

The last decade has been a troubling time for many prescriptions. Without insurance, most of these prescriptions, including their generic counterparts, fall well out of many family’s price range.

The biggest expenses come from treatments for very rare diseases, some going up to $25,000 or more. While the common prescriptions are far from that outrageous, they do continue to climb.

What common prescriptions are getting hit the hardest? Here are the top 10.

1. Sildenafil

Sildenafil is the generic version of two different medications focusing on blood flow. The first is Revatio, which helps with pulmonary arterial hypertension. The second is Viagra, which helps with erectile dysfunction.

The difference between the two variants depends on strength. For those in need of Revatio, the lower strength one, it is the cheaper of the two.

The Viagra variant, though, is one of the most expensive ones on the list.

2. Duloxetine

Duloxetine treats a variety of mental and nerve based issues, from depression and anxiety to fibromyalgia. It also can limit the nerve effects of diabetes.

This one is often covered by most insurances, but can be expensive without it, often hitting the $150 mark per dose. Alternatives to insurance can help with the costs.

3. Oseltamivir

Oseltamivir is a prescription to fight the flu. Its potency helps to reduce the flu to minimal effects with hours. Because of this high effectiveness and common use, the drug often hits high levels averaging to $133 a dose.

If you are immuno-compromised, please see a doctor with any concerns over getting Oseltamivir or similar medications. If you are not, flu symptoms can become more tolerable with over-the-counter medication.

4. Omeprazole

Omeprazole covers acid reflux or GERD. It has an over-the-counter version in Prilosec, but the difference is strength becomes quite noticeable for those suffering from extreme acid reflux.

An entire month’s supply can run you $132 without prescriptions. Some may be able to get by on the much cheaper over-the-counter alternative, but most with severe acid reflux cannot.

5. Atorvastatin

Atorvastatin is one of the most common prescription drugs in America. Better known as Lipitor, this drug helps to curb high cholesterol and helps to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Due to its massive popularity, almost every insurance covers it. Even with insurance, the extra expense of the prescription drug can still run $121. This is even with some price decreases in recent years.

6. Clopidogrel

Clopidogrel is an antiplatelet drug, often known as Plavix. It finds uses by millions across the nation. It is a large expense coming in at $114 even after some cost help.

Antiplatelet drugs help to prevent dangerous blood clots and can help to cover plenty of illnesses.

The biggest concern is that the drug is a long term treatment process, leaving the patient on it for over a year and a half.

7. Montelukast

Montelukast, or Singulair as it is often known, is a powerful and common medication for both asthma and allergies. Both asthma and allergies often last for an entire lifetime, making the rather expensive drug a constant drain on a person’s finances.

The drug can range around $106 for a month’s supply. Over-the-counter medications can help to relieve allergy symptoms, they do little against major allergies and nothing for asthma patients.

8. Escitalopram

Escitalopram is a common antidepressant, often known as Lexapro. While many insurances cover it well enough, they often limit the quantity of it instead, leading to many patients to pay for their full dosage out of pocket.

If you find the costs too overbearing, there are plenty of potential alternatives, though their potency can change depending on many other variables.

Talk with your doctor about alternatives, but remember that mental illness can end up harming you as much as physical illnesses if you stop your medications.

9. Bupropion XL

Speaking of alternatives, Bupropion XL, often known as Wellbutrin XL, is a common antidepressant. Like Escitalopram, you can find it covered by most insurances but locked at a certain quantity.

Again, there are many alternatives for antidepressants but do not mix and match to meet your full coverage. Only your doctor can give you strong advice on which medicines to take and when.

10. Tamsulosin

Tamsulosin, also known as Flomax, is the most narrow of the drugs on this list, focusing on treating enlarged prostates in men. Despite its focused use, it is still a common drug due to the common nature of the condition.

It does come in as the cheapest drug out of pocket, with only $86 for a month’s supply. As well, there have been many cases of success with herbal supplements providing the relief Tamsulosin provides.

Talking with Your Doctor on Medicine Alternatives

With quality insurance, you can still prevent the more outrageous costs. Without insurance, though, is where the dangers become harsher to deal with.

Talking with your doctor about potential workarounds or alternatives is a good first step. You may be able to combine two cheaper medications or find non-prescription treatments. Do not follow advice not given by your own healthcare provider.

Other alternatives focus on the other side of the equation, insurance. There are a few websites that help you find the cheapest price and order online. You can check prescription price before you buy, making sure you get the best deal.

Keeping Informed on Prescriptions and More

Out of this list of the most expensive common prescription drugs, which ones affect you the most? Talk to your healthcare provider about special payment plans or alternatives you can try to avoid the big costs.

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