More than 30% of small businesses leverage SEO to complement their marketing strategies. 62% of these businesses employ SEO strategies without spending on experts. Instead, they leverage in-house teams to spearhead their SEO campaigns.

What’s more, 70% of in-house teams that implement SEO strategies have other work responsibilities. On top of that, 53% of businesses employing SEO strategies started doing so about three years ago.

These are quite fascinating statistics about SEO that every small business owner should know. However, we also have some SEO marketing myths dominating the industry. These myths are probably the reason why some businesses are hesitant to implement SEO strategies.

This article debunks some of these myths.

1. SEO Is Becoming Obsolete

benefits of local seo

This is one of the craziest SEO marketing myths today. Well, some keywords may become obsolete, but not SEO entirely.

Employing the best SEO marketing strategies is critical as long as search engines exist. It’s also imperative as long as you have an online store.

If you have a website, you already know that a big chunk of your traffic emanates from SEO. Moreover, long-tail keyword optimization enhances your business visibility in specific geographic locations.

2. You Don’t Need to Hire an SEO Expert

Unfortunately, some business owners are falling for this SEO marketing myth. Of course, you can work with an in-house team. However, it’s critical that you involve experts if you’re going to match your competition.

There are many benefits of outsourcing your SEO needs to an expert in the marketing industry. For instance, it saves you time and resources. It also frees your employees to attend to high-value roles. Check out these services for SEO experts near you.

3. You Need New Content to Rank on Google

Link to Your Other Content

Who said you must always publish new content for your pages to rank on Google? “Freshness” is the biggest SEO myth in the marketing industry. Every company you contact wants to begin by updating content on your website.

Well, your site can rank on Google even with content as old as three years. You only need to ensure that majority of your blogs are evergreen content. Evergreen content arouses interest consistently, regardless of time or season.

4. SEO Marketing Myths About Social Signals

How many social media shares does your content receive on an average day? Does this influence your ranking on Google? Well, there is no explicit relationship between social signals and SEO ranking. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

This is because marketers can easily manipulate social signals in an attempt to cheat search engines. Instead, social media signals increase brand awareness.

5. Search Engine Optimization Is About Ranking

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SEO has more to do than just ranking. Also, ranking at position one in search results doesn’t mean your page automatically gets all the traffic. Your page may only be ranking top on google because of keyword optimization.

So, it will help you leverage innovative marketing when it comes to SEO. Look at it as a tool for generating traffic instead of just ranking.

SEO Is More Important Than Ever

For marketing teams that think SEO is dead, it’s here to stay. Know how to differentiate SEO marketing myths from facts, and you’ll employ the right strategies in your business. Alternatively, outsource to experts and save yourself from stress.

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