During the past 50 years, sugar consumption worldwide has tripled, and this is an increase that is expected to grow even more! This can’t mean well for those of us who intend to take good care of our teeth. 

Inevitably, trips to the Dentist in Vista need to happen a few times a year to ensure that we keep our teeth looking and feeling good. 

We know an impending dentist appointment is always a little bit stressful. Read more about the five most common dental procedures and get some peace of mind for your appointment!

1. Fixing a Chipped Tooth

Why There is a Need for Dental Practice

Apart from not looking aesthetically pleasing, a chipped tooth can lead to long-term pain and other dental problems. Having a chipped tooth fixed is one of the most common dental procedures. 

A chipped tooth is generally where a piece of the enamel has been damaged, leaving the inner layers of your teeth exposed. If a chipped tooth is left unmended, the breakage can spread and cause a bigger problem. If the underlying layers are left exposed, it can cause pain and other issues such as decay and infection. 

Sometimes, however, a chipped tooth is not always visible to the naked eye, so look out for symptoms such as pain when biting or even chewing.

2. Treating Gum Disease 

Gum disease is more common than it may seem. A build-up of plaque will inevitably lead to gum disease. There are bacteria in the plaque that will irritate and harm the state of your gums and this can lead to bleeding, swelling, and a red appearance. 

This may be something you need to consider getting treated if your gums bleed often when brushing or flossing. 

3. Treatment for Mouth Sores

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Having mouth sores is one of the most common dental procedures. 

Do you find yourself with ulcers or sores in your mouth? This is a common dental issue that needs to be sorted, mostly for your own comfort. It’s difficult to eat and drink properly when you’re in constant pain. 

Generally speaking, a mouth sore will start off as an ‘injury,’ such as a cut or an accidental bite of your inner cheek. This is when bacteria, fungi, and even viral infections can find a home inside your mouth. 

Mostly your dentist will prescribe medication as the treatment for mouth sores, and there wouldn’t be a surgical procedure. 

4. Getting a Root Canal 

This procedure is one that procures horrifying visions of pain and terror, but don’t let that deter you. A root canal is one of the most common procedures for sorting out a tooth infection or an abscess. 

You’ll know if you’re suffering from one of these because the pain will have been enough to make you pick up the phone and make that appointment! Once you have the root canal done, you’ll be right on the road to recovery. 

5. Sorting Out Your Grinding

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You may be grinding your teeth if you find yourself suffering from inexplicable headaches, facial pain, or even disrupted sleep. 

Your dentist will be treating you with a mouth guard or splint to wear when you go to sleep each night, this will sort your grinding problem out and you’ll no longer be in need of counting sheep to get a good night’s rest! 

Don’t Be Worried About Common Dental Procedures 

It’s perfectly normal for people to worry about common dental procedures, and what their trip to the dentist will entail. Don’t let that give you sleepless nights. 

Talk to your dentist and talk about your concerns, be transparent about your oral care regime and listen to the experts. 

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