Jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree are anticipated to grow at a faster rate than other occupations, yet occupations that only require short or moderate “on-the-job” training will account for about half of all jobs by 2016. Of the top 30 fastest-growing occupations, 18 are in professional and related occupations, and 10 are service occupations.

The Chamber concludes that

highly skilled immigrants tend to have an even greater impact on job creation. Immigrants come to the United States to fill available vacancies, not to take jobs from American workers.

A Research Institute for Social and Economic Policy (RISEP) study shows that from 2000 through 2005, immigrants represented about 23 percent of the workforce and that Florida’s immigrant worker numbers grew significantly as a share of science, maintenance, and social service occupations.

Latino Labor Report 2006

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While Tuesday’s Republican primary outcome is probably still in doubt, one thing is clear: Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum will be outspent by his self-funded opponent, former health care executive Rick Scott. Scott and his 527 group have spent almost $40 million on his campaign, while the McCollum campaign has spent about $10 million. But a 527 group associated with McCollum, the Florida First Initiative, has collected big donations from big industries in recent weeks, helping the attorney general place TV ads as his battle with Scott comes down to the wire.