Driving under the influence is more common than you may think. Did you know that adults will drink and drive about 121 million times every year?

Although it’s not a good practice, it’s an act that’s hard to prevent. So if you’re driving under the influence and get caught, you have to prepare to face a DUI charge. Depending on your state DUI laws, you may end up with mandatory minimum jail time and paying DUI fines.

So to ensure that you can improve the outcome of your case when facing a DUI charge, you have to avoid making these common mistakes:

1. Not Getting a DUI Attorney

DUI Conviction

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is essential to getting the best outcome for your case. They can help guide you through the court processes, protect your rights, investigate the incident, and help prevent legal blunders.

It’s important for you to call your lawyer immediately, but you have to be sure that they are trustworthy and reliable. Their expertise and experience are a must when fighting a DUI charge.

2. Sharing Your Case on Social Media

It’s common for people to share their incidents on social media, especially to ask for guidance and emotional support. However, your posts can hurt your case and undermine your defense.

Keep in mind that everything you say and do will be 100% used against you in court, even your social media posts. So it’s best to deactivate your social media profiles until all proceedings are over.

3. Admitting Any Guilt

Dealing with DUI Charges

Although it’s important to tell the truth to your lawyer, you can’t admit that you’re guilty right off the bat. Admitting guilt during the arrest can subject you to the maximum penalties for DUIs and leaves no room for the defense to fight for you.

Also, be sure that you politely but firmly tell the police filing the DUI charge that you have an attorney and can’t speak until they are present. With a lawyer by your side, you avoid making costly mistakes while talking to the police.

4. Assuming You Already Lost

There’s always an opportunity to fight the charges against you, even if your Blood Alcohol Concentration(BAC) goes over the legal limit. Your attorney can argue that there were improper blood storage, improper testing methods, lack of evidence, and so on. Relying on your attorney to build a strong defense and showing that you’re not guilty can lead to reduced charges.

5. Missing Important Court Dates

Unbelievable DUI Statistics That Will Set You Straight for Life

It’s important to attend your designated court date to reduce or release your bail and avoid paying a high DUI fee. Jumping bail without a good reason can lead to staying in jail for the entirety of the trial period and forfeiting your bail money. So if you have a valid reason for missing court, be sure to inform the court clerk ahead of time.

Avoid These Mistakes When Facing a DUI Charge

When facing a DUI charge, you have to avoid these mistakes to increase your chances of winning. It’s easy to make small blunders when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Minimize or eliminate the penalties for DUIs by learning your rights and knowing how to defend yourself. Learn more about this by browsing through the rest of our guides!

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