Interior designers spend most of their time creating the perfect home décor solutions for their clients. When they work on living room solutions, they focus on their client’s lifestyles and tastes. However, there are some general tips that every homeowner can take when it comes to decorating the living room and making it an ideal space in the home.

Common mistakes people tend to make with their living rooms

To create the perfect living room for your family and guests, the following are some key elements that you must take into account when it comes to embracing the perfect solutions-

  1. Pay attention to minute details
  2. Plan the layout of the room carefully
  3. Buy the right size for area rugs

The above are some of the key factors you should consider when you are doing up your living room space. However, along with them, some common mistakes ruin the look and the décor of your home. Let us take a look at some of them-

  • Buying the wrong couch – Most interiors designers agree unanimously on one thing- a good looking couch can break or make the living room’s looks. You may have great taste when it comes to the rest of the place; however, if your couch or even the couch cover is out of place, it mars the room’s total look. When it comes to investing in a couch for the living room, never buy it on an impulse. It needs planning as it is generally one of the focal pieces of furniture in your living room.

Buying the wrong couch

  • Poor layout planning – One of the biggest spaces that need accurate planning in your home is your living room. It is where you will have conversation groups so that layout planning needs to be right. It might be tempting for you to push your couch up against the wall and forget about it, but this can be the biggest spoiler to the eye. Look at your living space and arrange the furniture in such a way that it looks inviting.

Poor layout planning

  • Hanging art – Make sure you hang your art paintings in the right places so that they stand out and enhance the appeal of the room. The principle that art should be hung at eye levels does not apply to every case. In case the ceilings are very low or not too tall, consider hanging them at the third quadrant from the floor.

Hanging art

Therefore, the above are three prominent mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to your living room space. Keep them in mind and transform your living room’s look to impress every time you step inside. The living room is one of the major rooms in your home, and it is the place where you will entertain and relax. Use warm colors to create a bright and vibrant ambiance. Add some bold colors here and there. Make sure you have some really good indoor plants to make the space cozy with a natural flow!

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