Are you someone soon to face a driving test? Are you skeptical about the dos and don’ts of a driving test? Are you worried about your driving performance in which you are expected to give your best shot driving under the nose of a stranger?

Read further to know about a few common mistakes that most of the potential learners tend to make while cracking a DMV exam:

Mistakes To Avoid In A Driving Test

Exceptionally Slow Driving

test drive

Yes, when you step ahead as a novice and put your first foot forward to drive a car, you might have heard your instructor say those two magical words time and again- “DRIVE SLOW”. But you do need to take it too seriously once you gain control over the steering wheel.

It doesn’t mean we are provoking you to be a rash driver but driving too slow is not a good thing at the same time. Neither drive too slow nor too fast because driving in moderation can help you clear the driving exam.

Getting Distracted Easily

Distraction is the mother of failure, and being distracted while giving a driving test exam can easily earn you a fail degree. Distractions can sometimes be so severe that they can give birth to some serious accidents.

Thus the examiner will indeed lookout for signs and symptoms of you being distracted by a phone call, answering text messages, or any XYZ thing that can tempt you while driving. And, the moment you do this, a thumb-down signal is sure to show up.

Letting Your Nerves Dominate You

Truck Driver Liable For Injuries

We understand the anxieties that come along with the thoughts of giving a driving test. But do not let your nerves gain control over your mind as it can straightaway lead to your downfall.

To win the stress battle, you can consider preparing in advance and practice permit test questions to save yourself from a panic attack that may follow while you step ahead for facing an exam.

Applying Sudden Brakes

Tumbling front and back at every small stop or speed breaker can make one go crazy while enjoying a drive, and your examiner will not love it either. Applying brakes all of a sudden and giving the examiner a jolt in their stomach is surely not going to earn you a green flag.

Driving with confidence and the ability to apply brakes smoothly and swiftly is what you are expected to excel in.

Neglecting Vehicle Inspection

Keep Calm and Drive On: Safe Driving Tips for Teens

Examining the vehicle to find out if it is fit for a drive is as important as driving the vehicle. So if you overlook the vehicle examining part and reach for the driving test just to find out that the examiner has spotted a fault in your vehicle, your exam may stop before it starts.

So make sure that your car abides by all the safety rules and has all the essential parts in place for a safe drive.


We hope we have given you a sneak peek into the most common mistakes made by potential driving license seekers. So if you are someone who is soon to appear for a driving test, make sure that you do not commit such mistakes to raise a toast in the name of your DMV license permit.

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