Fair Districts Florida — the political committee behind Amendments 5 and 6, which would limit the Florida legislature’s ability to gerrymander legislative and congressional districts — is highlighting misleading claims about 5 and 6 contained in a Leon County robo-call paid for by Protect Your Vote, the anti-5 and -6 committee bankrolled by the Republican Party of Florida.

Listen to the ad, after jump:

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“Vote no on Amendments 5 and 6,” the message (called “an urgent Leon voter alert”) says. “They reduce our representation in Tallahassee and Washington by three members. Yes, three members. Fewer representatives mean we won’t get our fair share.”

Contrary to the call’s claims, the state has no authority to dictate how many congressional representatives come from Florida — the U.S. Constitution gives that power to the federal government.

The amendments would also have no effect on how many state representatives and senators would meet in Tallahassee — that decision is given to the legislature in the state Constitution, and the language in 5 and 6 would not affect it in any way.

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