By 2022, the market for cannabidiol (CBD) is expected to grow to $22 billion. Undoubtedly, the biggest reason for the exponential growth in the popularity of CBD is the fact that the compound is believed to cure all manner of ailments. Currently, you can find CBD in numerous pain-relieving drugs, sports-recovery balms, sleeping aids, personal lubricants, and energy boosters.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that’s found in cannabis plants. The compound is also found in hemp plants, which belong to the same plant species as cannabis.

The primary purpose of growing cannabis is to cultivate tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the component that makes smokers of marijuana feel high. THC is largely absent in hemp plants.

A lot of information on the internet today may have you believe that CBD oil can cure almost any illness. However, scientific studies have shown the compound to be an effective cure for a handful of conditions, which we discuss in this article.

Ailments that CBD Oil Can Treat

Over the years, CBD has been a trusted natural remedy for a number of common ailments. Below are seven of them that scientific evidence backs.

1. Pain

The use of marijuana to treat pain goes back for thousands of years. Recent studies show that marijuana contains components that are responsible for relieving pain, one of which is CBD.

How does it work?

Well, your body has a specialized system referred to as the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that plays a role in regulating sleep, pain, appetite, and immune system response. The ECS produces endocannabinoids that attach to cannabinoid receptors found in the nervous system.

CBD impacts the receptor activity of the endocannabinoids, reducing chronic pain and inflammation.

When combined with THC, CBD is also very effective in treating pain caused by arthritis and multiple sclerosis. The patient experiences a dramatic improvement in pain, muscle spasms, and walking.

But where can you buy CBD oil wholesale for your pain relief? You can start by searching online for reliable CBD oil outlets in your area.

2. Anxiety and Depression

Few mental disorders are more common today than anxiety and depression. These disorders can adversely affect the health of an individual.

The World Health Organization cites depression as the leading cause of disability globally. Anxiety is ranked sixth.

People with depression or anxiety disorders are usually given pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs can have many side effects such as drowsiness, insomnia, agitation, headache, and sexual dysfunctions. Other medications can be addictive.

One of CBD benefits is that it can treat both anxiety and depression. Since it’s a natural treatment, there are hardly any side effects.

In the past, CBD has been used as an effective treatment for anxiety and insomnia among children with PTSD. The compound also has antidepressant-like effects.

Often, people undergoing cancer treatment experience such side effects as pain, nausea, and vomiting. CBD oil has been shown to counter these symptoms effectively.

For many people receiving cancer treatment, conventional pain relief drugs have little or no effect. These are the people who can benefit most from taking extracts containing both THC and CBD.

For those undergoing chemotherapy, CBD oil can help relieve nausea and vomiting induced by the treatment. CBD and THC can still be used alongside standard treatment.

Previous studies have also proven that CBD oil might have anti-cancer properties. Concentrated CBD, for instance, can induce cell death in breast cancer cells.

4. Acne

Acne is one of the most prevalent skin conditions that affect people the world over. Several factors can cause this condition, including bacteria, genetics, overproduction of sebum, genetics, and underlying inflammation.

Recent studies suggest that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the excessive production of sebum. These properties are beneficial in countering acne.

5. Neurological Disorders

Another of CBD oil benefits is that it can treat neurological disorders. Earlier, we mentioned that CBD can act on the endocannabinoid system as well as other brain signaling systems. This property is essential when it comes to treating epilepsy and reducing spasticity in those suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Currently, the use of CBD to treat neurological disorders is one of the most studied subjects by researchers. The results have been promising, though research is still ongoing.

So far, studies CBD has been proven to reduce seizure activity in people with epilepsy. The compound also has a similar effect on children who have Dravet syndrome. Other neurological disorders that CBD oil can help improve Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Heart Diseases

CBD also has many benefits for your circulatory system. One of those benefits is lowering high blood pressure, which is associated with several serious conditions like heart attack and stroke.

But how does CBD lower high blood pressure?

Well, the compound contains anti-stress and anxiety-reducing properties that are responsible for helping lower blood pressure. CBD can also reduce cell death and inflammation that results from heart disease due to the compound’s powerful stress-reducing and antioxidant properties.

7. Type 1 Diabetes

CBD oil has also been shown to be effective in improving the quality of life in patients with type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition that results from the inability of the pancreas to produce adequate insulin. Sometimes, the pancreas produces no insulin at all.

Without insulin, sugar cannot enter cells and produce energy. There are many factors that may cause type 1 diabetes, including genetics and certain viruses. The condition typically affects children and adolescents, although it can also develop in adults.

In the past, CBD oil has helped ease the inflammation in the pancreas that inhibits the organ from producing sugar. This is being viewed as an essential step in developing a CBD-based cure for juvenile diabetes.

CBD Oil Continues to Alleviate Human Ailments

In recent years, there have been numerous studies on the potential role of CBD oil to ease the symptoms of many of the common ailments we face. So far, this natural cure has proven effective against such health issues including pain, anxiety, depression, heart disease, acne, type 1 diabetes, and cancer. As research continues, many more therapeutic uses for CBD are sure to be revealed.

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