It is fascinating to know that every one of us has some awesomeness within us, the question is knowing how to use it. If you discover how to use those good qualities within you, you can take stock of your personal assets and work at making them the best. 

It is where mind mapping comes in.  You might want to achieve, but your mind is cluttered so that you can not think clearly about how you want to see improvements within your entire life – personally, at college or work. 

Teachers in school or college can promote collaboration among their students as the software comes with a teamwork feature that allows students to put their minds together in building a mind map. 

Come Up with Bright New Ideas 

Mind mapping increases creativity as it is a tool that helps you come up with bright new ideas by improving memory and retention.  You are able to come up with a unique idea in far less time too because your mind is more organized. 

Mind mapping software is a visual thinking tool where you can create visual diagrams of your ideas. This software is useful because it can help you be more creative and more productive so that you are ultimately more effective. 

When you consider all the benefits of mind-mapping software, it is important to choose the best as it can bring about an ordered mind when you are busy at work with a brainstorming session. The software helps you to map out resources, make excellent decisions, solve problems and uncover new ideas in an assortment of ways. 

No Mismatched Mindmapping Software 

Every business has certain demands, and that is why it is important to not just go for a one-size-fits-all system. Not only that other factors are important too – important features, the skills of staff and their friendliness and the costs involved. 

Mindomo has excellent reviews and when you choose their experience and reputability with Mindmapping software, you avoid mismatched applications and simply choose those who can benefit your company. Look at different subscription plans and make use of a  30-day money-back guarantee to see how happy you are.

Some of the important aspects of this software are –

  • project management – tracking tasks easily
  • idea generation
  • saving time by collecting and arranging information faster
  • comes with user-friendly interfaces, making it easy to use

Each business has its own characteristics and requires specific Mind Mapping Software that suits their clients. When you buy the software from the right source, you see that you are one of the many who are satisfied with the product. Mindomo has specific tools that are practical and workable for your industry and your budget.

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How to move contacts between iPhone and an Android phone

Are you planning to switch from android phone to iPhone or from iPhone to an android phone? Or you have already changed the smartphone and now planning to move contacts?

You get the best feeling when you finally purchase the phone you have been dreaming of whether it be an iPhone or S6. You cannot resist transferring everything to the new phone and this seems to be an issue, especially if you are not techy.

So how to transfer contacts from iPhone to android or from android to iPhone? Don’t panic, it can be easily done. The detailed guide below will help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

Before you can proceed with the transfer, you need to have a few things with you. These include:
1. Both the phones, the old and the new, with their USB cables.
2. A computer or a laptop.
3. A phone transfer software.

Getting ready for the contact transfer

Connect both the phones to the laptop or computer with their USB cables. Make sure that you are using a reliable phone transfer software. It should have the phone to phone transfer feature which lets you move contacts, videos, messages, apps, etc. between phones easily.

Once you have the phones connected and the software is ready, follow the steps below.

Run the phone transfer software

As soon as you will run your phone transfer software, it will detect both the phones. You have to select the phone to phone transfer. You will see both the phones in the interface with their details such as contacts, messages, music, videos, and others.

TIA Phone Transfer Step 1

The phone on the left side will be used as the source. So if you wish to transfer contacts from iPhone to S6 (assume), you have to ensure that the iPhone is on the left side. You can easily switch the positions of the phones.

Use Flip to change the positions of the phones.

Transfer contacts

Once the phones have been adjusted, you can proceed with the transfer. Select contacts from the content. You can transfer pretty much anything between the phones. You have to choose what type of content you wish to transfer (contacts in this case). Once you have selected the contacts, click the Start Copy.

TIA Phone Transfer Step 2

The transfer will begin. The contacts will be copied, not moved from the old to the new phone. This means you will still have the contacts in your old phone.

TIA Phone Transfer Step 3

You can move other content between the phones similarly.


If you are using a powerful phone transfer software, it will make your life easy and will allow you to transfer contacts from android to iPhone and vice versa painlessly. Access to the right software at the right time is what you need.

Not just that it will transfer contacts but you can transfer everything ranging from messages to videos to music to files to folders and much more. You just name it.

You can now change phones without the fear of losing contacts and your data. Change phones as many times as you wish. You will not lose anything.

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