When most people think of the power that makes our US Navy a super force they tend to picture massive aircraft carriers, the elite Navy Seals, and powerful jets that speed at MACH 2 boasting impressive firepower. While indeed these things make our Navy a force to be reckoned with, military power supplies are the unsung heroes. Without these, our forces would be lucky to be regarded as third-rate. The next time you see a missile launch from a submarine on the news, think of companies that make custom military power supplies because these are the technical warriors that enable advanced logistics and covert operations that keep the US, its territories, and its allies safe from aggressive nations like North Korea.

What are Military Power Supplies?

Military power supplies are similar to those in other industries but are engineered to be more rugged, reliable, and durable. The most popular types include AC to DC converters, single phase transformers, three phase transformers, DC to AC inverters, inductors, and many more products. Military power supplies must be able to operate flawlessly in the most extreme conditions. This means they must be able to withstand high altitude, ice, intense heat, water, and chemical exposure. Military power supplies must also function with little maintenance and guarantee long life cycles.

Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers Deliver Big with Small Components

Nimitz class aircraft carriers are like entire cities out to see with nuclear capabilities. Many are positioned to combat any aggressive action against the United States with more than 100 fully loaded aircraft ready to launch, ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads ready to use if necessary, and one of the most advanced telecommunications systems in the world allowing a ship out in the middle of the mountain able to reach a receiver anywhere on the planet or in space. These aircraft carriers rely on a comprehensive line of military grade transformers and magnetic accouterments to operate guided missiles and use satellite systems to engage enemy forces.

Elite Special Forces Rely on Military Power Supplies

Known as the most highly trained special forces group in the world, the US Navy Seals always get the job done relying on their training, highly developed instincts, and customized military power supplies developed for specific functions. Bulk converters for Navy Seal missions and transformers help power battlefield computers and ordnance devices allowing Special Forces ops to control decisive actions from rough terrain in any location.

Military transformer rectifiers and converters allow military jets to stay dead in the air. Designed to work in extreme conditions with the entire US Navy fleet of aircraft, military power supplies enable navigation, weaponry, fuel systems, night vision, hydraulic supply, flight control, flight recorders and utility actuators to keep every jet in deadly working order with little maintenance and a full life.


Small but Deadly

Next time you see a Naval jet thunder through the sky remember that custom-designed magnetics and transformers were engineered to comply with the stringent and rigorous requirements of today’s US Navy. Without these little power supplies components, the large impressive elements of our armed forces would be collecting dust.


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