In July  2017, at a Microsoft Inspire event, Quest Software announced the availability of its new Quest On Demand SaaS platform. The company has come a long way since then. Quest has one of the industry’s complete set of SaaS solutions, hosting the client’s software and delivering it over the Internet to approved end-users. They help the IT teams in businesses have tools that would help them move faster while staying in control of hybrid environments. 

In fact, for many years, top branded companies use Quest software to migrate, manage and secure Microsoft platforms, including Exchange, Active Directory, Azure and more. 

Microsoft's Acquisition of Microvision

With Quest, you get a comprehensive set of Microsoft platform management solutions. Whether cloud, hybrid or on-premises,  Quest helps to reduce money and time spent on managing Microsoft platforms.

Quest also reduces organizational risks by adhering to regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and more with detailed auditing and alerting of complex Microsoft environments. You can identify and track configuration changes without the overhead of native auditing, ensuring compliance with audit-ready reports.

• With mergers and acquisitions, your chances of a successful one is higher with the implementation of repeatable processes. There is no need to make your merger and acquisition IT integration complicated by using lots of different products from a host of vendors. 

Services Tailored to each Organization

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Quest believes they are the simple solution for a complex world and with their experience they can also help organizations manage the data, stay compliant and control hybrid environments. They have the answers, after all, their team of specialists performs no less than  300 globally-dispersed migrations each year, tailoring their solutions for each organization’s requirements. 

Maximizing your Investment in Microsoft Platforms

Quest is there for a repeatable migration and management framework for your Microsoft environment. As a global systems management, security software provider and data protection provider, Quest has a  successful history with helping organizations maximize the value of their investment in Microsoft.

IT experts can conduct complex migration projects in the cloud. They provide businesses with simple to use tools that help to do away with the complexities associated with securing, migrating and managing various Microsoft platforms in the cloud.

The management solutions have moved, managed and secured millions of users around the world for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Their procurement of Metalogix reinforced Quest by extending their capabilities to support SharePoint Online, SharePoint as well as OneDrive for Business.

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This makes sure they can deliver the industry’s most comprehensive solutions that help businesses manage and migrate workloads over Microsoft infrastructure and productivity platforms.

With Quest, an organization is able to spend far less time on IT administration, and at Quest, they know that technology is forever changing and they keep up with the newer challenges.

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