Miami is widely known as a popular vacation city with plenty to do and see. With its white sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, and submersive Latin-American influence, it’s no wonder why so many tourists flock to the city every year. Not to mention that it’s the second most populated city in all of Florida.

With all of this attraction and population, Miami has become a hub for marketing. Whether you are a tourist or a local, you can find yourself learning more and more each day about what Miami has to offer through it’s fantastic billboard advertisement.

Fantastic Billboards for the Beaches

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Miami has some of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast. So, naturally there are billboards all over the city telling people about them. With the pictures and information these billboards can give you it can feel like you’ve already been there, but it doesn’t deter you from actually going.

Miami billboards can give you the information you need to decide what beach you want to go to, and how to get there without even looking up the directions. Just make sure you’re paying attention when walking around or driving down the highway. You won’t want to miss a single billboard.

Fantastic Billboards for the Attractions

Because of Miami’s thorough tourist population, there are plenty of tourist attractions and activities. When in Miami you are sure to find fantastic billboards for all types of attractions.

Here are a few examples:

Zoo Miami

The Miami Zoo has over three thousands animals that collectively represent more than five hundred species. Taking up around seven hundred and fifty acres, the Miami Zoo is a great way to spend half a day or more of your vacation.

The Dolphin Mall

The Dolphin Mall is full of department stores that are sure to fit every one of your shopping needs. With over two hundred and forty brands represented, you and your entire family or friend group will have no trouble being occupied for hours.

The Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls are a Miami Staple that everyone visiting should see. It’s a completely free of charge outdoor museum dedicated to international street art. It is yet another attraction that can take several hours to fully enjoy.

Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace

The bayside marketplace is the perfect place to take a load off in the evening. There you will be able to do a little bit of shopping, sit down by the water, and have a nice dinner and drink while the sun sets. It’s a classic beach vacation stop.

The Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is a complete neighborhood dedicated to new and different dining, design, and architecture experiences for all of it’s guests. It was created to inspire and bring light to creative experiences and dedication to unity of artistic endeavours.

Billboards for Places to Stay

With Miami’s large tourism scene comes the need for plenty of resorts and hotels to house all of the beloved visitors. Whether you are a planner or not, if you find yourself in Miami with no place to stay, simply look around. There will almost always be a billboard in sight telling you about any of Miami’s amazing places to stay.

Billboards for Businesses

Businesses obviously need to advertise to become known. Especially in a city that thrives off of tourism. So, Miami is full of fantastic billboards describing local businesses and all that they have to offer. Local businesses are almost like attractions in the way that they add to the culture of a city.

Without going to several local businesses, you may not get the full experience of miami. So, lookout for the local business billboards and shop or eat there. You won’t want to miss out on seeing the small cultural things that make Miami the city that everyone loves.


the right billboards

Billboards are a great way to get information out there. Whether you are targeting locals or tourists in Miami, the right billboards can let people know the information they need before they even realize they need it.

In Miami the median impression that a billboard has is over three hundred million impressions. Making it an incredibly effective way to spread information. Whether you are sharing an ad for Miami beaches, attractions, resorts or hotels, or businesses, you can share it in a way that’s almost like giving someone a tour of your city. Simply with these fantastic billboards.

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