The Miami-based Christian Family Coalition stated in a press release last week that Florida’s legislative session this year was “without a doubt … the very best statewide legislative session in the history of the Coalition.”

Florida’s state legislature passed five bills this year limiting access to abortions in the state, as well as bill’s aimed at making exclusively social conservatives happy.

The group cited the parental rights memorial bill, the public-funding-for-abortions amendment, the ultrasound bill and the parental -notice-of-abortion bill as legislation that is “restoring common-sense values to our culture.”

While this may be a good time for socially conservative groups to do their victory laps, reproductive rights advocates such as Planned Parenthood are rallying in opposition.

The Christian Family Coalition courts many conservative lawmakers in South Florida. According to The Palm Beach Post, the group hosted 2010 senate candidates Marco Rubio and Gov. Charlie Crist during a very contentious election.

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