Test Banks are resources for academics to use when making tests. Studying CMA (Certified Management Accountant), institutions or coaching centers also offer students to help them prepare for their exams. Online test banks are appealing since the same author or publisher usually makes them the textbook or course material they are based on. Hence, they are more focused on the important curriculum topics.

The test banks provide a wide range of questions and solutions, feedback, tips, and tricks on specific answers provided by students. This is frequently supported by exact page references from the textbook, making it easier to relate concepts with the relevant topics.

The point of a Test bank is not to attempt all the questions and try to get them right. Yes, counting your marks if you have done well does give a sense of achievement momentarily. However, there is no point in getting done with the test bank if you have done it without learning much from it! Go through the following simple methods to enhance the effectiveness of your learning through test banks.

Select the Right Ones for Studying CMA

Select the Right Ones

Several publishers and authors offer test banks and claim theirs to be the best. However, bear in mind that a test bank’s purpose is to prepare you for the questions on the actual exam. The test bank will be your go-to resource for all sorts of practice. So, you need to ensure that the test bank you opt for is not only comprehensive but tried and tested as well. One such test bank that meets these criteria is the Wiley CMA test bank. This test bank is available online with Wiley’s CMA course, and successful candidates have reported it to be extremely helpful and thorough for their preparation and a big confidence booster. Wiley’s CMA course has a pass rate of 80% (double the global average).

Memorize and Understand Formulas Beforehand

Students need to understand how a formula is derived from and use it. However, memorizing the formulas is also extremely important. You will not have your smartphone or textbooks available to check the formulas. So, memorizing and retaining the course formulas is vital and should be done before you attempt the test bank. Knowing and understanding the formula beforehand will give you the necessary confidence to attempt the questions. This confidence is much needed when going for an important exam like the CMA. You will be able to connect what you have studied and learned with what is presented in front of you with relative ease. This will make the whole practice process easier and faster, which will ultimately reflect in your exam as well.

While most of you may not have much problem remembering formulas, you can still get up to your game by going through this article which provides helpful tips to memorize formulas easily. Although the article is about math formulas, these tips will easily apply to accounting formulas.

Focus on Common Concepts

Focus on Common Concepts

Keep in mind that almost all Test Banks provided by the publishers are closely based on the pattern and structure of the actual exam. This is to give you a pretty good idea of how the exam questions might turn out to be. Once you have gone through several rounds of practice in your test bank, you should take care to notice that some topics and styles of questioning are repeated quite often. Prepare a list of the concepts that appear to be most common or have the highest weightage. Make sure you spend considerable time and focus on these concepts. It is not a guarantee that you will be questioned on these concepts in the exam, but they are your best shot, and they are the most crucial topics to concentrate on when studying.

Analyze Your Answers with Mark Schemes

Nowadays, almost all good test banks come equipped with a detailed marks scheme or solutions manuals. While you will come across a range of concepts and tricks in the test bank questions, the mark schemes will ensure that your time spent trying out the questions does not go to waste. Use the mark schemes to check your work and understand where your marks are coming from and losing marks. If you’re having trouble answering the question, go over the mark scheme line by line until you’re satisfied you know how to respond. You can also refer to the publisher or examiner’s report to check for common errors.

When you have marked, understood, and rectified your work, you will probably notice a few topics that you have struggled to get through. You can also make a list of these and make a point of returning to them.

Condition Yourself for The Real Deal

Condition Yourself for The Real Deal

When using a test bank, try to make sure that the environment around you is as close to the actual exam setting as it can be. This means doing away with any distractions around you, such as mobile phones or having people around you. This will allow you to focus on the questions as if you are doing them in the exam hall.

It is important to give yourself the same time constraints you would have in the actual paper. You will get an idea of how to work on problems in real-time and get accustomed to utilizing the time well. If you successfully solve the problems in time, then good on you. And if not, then at the least, you will know where you need to work on improving.

Final Thoughts

Test banks are an excellent way to get ahead with exam preparations. As stated in the pointers above, you will be ready to take the CMA exam head-on if you utilize them efficiently. The good part about using test banks is that you can acquaint yourself with all the curriculum’s types of questions.

What could be better than having these test banks available from the beginning? Make the test bank compulsory for your study plan and schedule your practice sessions accordingly. Remember that success results from the effort, dedication, and the appropriate study strategy.

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