Outdoor advertising remains a popular choice among businesses to promote their products and brands. However, to unleash the potential of this marketing tool, several factors need to be considered, such as suitability of the location, weather conditions, durability of the material being used to manufacture and print the banners. One may place an attractive banner at a prime location, but strong winds or even extremely hot sunrays can wreak havoc and cause massive damage to the hoarding. So, if you are considering outdoor advertising, itโ€™s best to learn about ways to deal with extreme weather conditions and choose tools that are durable and resistant to harsh conditions.

Choosing the Right Location

The first thing to consider when planning your outdoor advertising campaign is the choice of locations where you wish to put your message. A prominent location is obviously the best choice for showcasing your brand, but another important factor that needs consideration is the vulnerability of the advertisement to strong winds or direct heat, says expert at Print Banners.ย  Custom mesh banners have emerged as an attractive option for outdoor advertising due the use of lightweight translucent vinyl fabric to suit the individual needs of the advertiser.

Choosing the Right Fabric and Printing

The growing popularity of outdoor advertising has made manufacturers try out new fabrics which can withstand sunrays as well as rain, humidity and highspeed winds. The use of appropriate fabrics allows the hoarding colors to remain bright and presentable for a long time. One can either opt for fabrics that are opaque and thus block light or fabrics such as mesh for printed banners as it is lightweight, elastic in nature and transmits light. The use of mesh, especially for large format banners, is a wise decision if durability and high returns on investment are considered. The special structure of this fabric makes it wind resistant and allows air to pass through it. Mesh advertising banners are also resistant to humidity, low temperatures and other adverse weather conditions.

Type and Quality of Printing

High quality vinyl mesh printing done with special solvent inks that are highly durable ensures that the message reaches loud and clear and remains visible for a long time. Large format mesh banners are generally used by outdoor advertising companies since the fabric ensures uniformity of absorption of the ink and its rapid drying.

Protecting the Printed Mesh Banner from Winds

In addition to using vinyl mesh banners that are durable, certain measures should be taken to ensure that they can withstand the pressure of strong winds. Certain precautions while installing the banners are recommended:

  • When using a rope to install the advertisement, do it in such a way as to distribute the windโ€™s load over a greater area.
  • When putting the banner against the wall of a building, use screws with washers to seal it and prevent wind from getting behind it.
  • In case of large format mesh banners stretched across a wide area such as a street, one should use heavyweight material besides using aircraft cables to secure the poster to poles on opposite sides of the street.

So, get ready to use outdoor advertising banners made of special vinyl mesh to reach out to your prospective customers.

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