More often than not, physical and mental healthcare are treated as two separate entities. Many patients find that symptoms of one are overlooked in the treatment of the other β€” mental health issues are disregarded in light of physical conditions or physical symptoms are neglected as just a manifestation of psychological distress. However, for the best possible results on both fronts, it’s important to manage your mental and physical health simultaneously.

Your physical health affects your mental health.

As anyone living with chronic illness can attest, physical health struggles can have a strong impact on your mental health. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. If your physical health is poor, it makes sense that your mental health will suffer. But it’s not only a matter of being susceptible to depression while dealing with decreased quality of life. Liver disease, for example, can lead to a psychiatric condition known as hepatic encephalopathy β€” its symptoms include anxiety, irritability, and forgetfulness.

Natural supplements are often associated with physical conditions (with notable exceptions such as St. John’s Wort, which is used as an alternative treatment for depression). However, the use of natural or herbal products to improve physical health can subsequently improve your mental health. In the above example of liver disease, a supplement like organic milk thistle can be added to your treatment plan to not only support your liver health but to treat the mental health symptoms that arise from it. Of course, be sure to seek out supplements from a reputable source, like Dr. Danielle’s line of organic natural products, and to consult your doctor before adding alternative options to your treatment plan.

Your mental health can affect your physical health.

Mental and Physical Health

Experts suggest that, just as physical health conditions can impact your mental health, mental health issues can affect your physical health too. Often, physicians may overlook a diagnosis like depression when a patient seeks treatment for a physical condition. Conditions like depression can manifest with physical symptoms, such as muscle tension, headache, nausea, or brain fog. Left untreated, these symptoms can worsen β€” and your mental health can worsen in turn.

Working with a mental health professional like a therapist or psychologist isn’t often associated with its physical health benefits (unless your working with a physical therapist in particular), so it may come as a surprise that treating mental health conditions can improve your physical health. However, professionals recommend that treating mental health conditions is key to an increased quality of life overall. If you’re new to formal mental healthcare, a service like With Therapy can help you to find the perfect therapist to reap the benefits of both physical and mental health.

Managing Your Health

Mental and Physical Health

Fortunately, treatments for mental or physical health often help the other. Conversely, though, the opposite is true β€” negative habits and similar factors can impact mental and physical health congruently. With that in mind, the importance of managing mental and physical health simultaneously is clear. Despite being treated as two separate aspects of your overall wellness, the two are indivisible. By improving or maintaining your physical health, your mental health will improve, and vice versa. This is true for conventional treatments, like undergoing surgery or attending therapy sessions, as well as less conventional methods, like practicing yoga or meditation or taking natural supplements.

Whether you’re dealing with a condition β€” be it physical or mental lβ€” or are simply trying to improve your general health, you’ll find that mental and physical healthcare methods work best when treated as two sides of the same coin. Symptoms of one will undoubtedly affect the other but, fortunately, the same is true for treatments. Rather than entering a cycle of poor physical health causing poor mental health and vice versa, you can use this connection to your advantage. By using positive lifestyle changes and other treatments, you can manage your physical and mental health side by side.

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