Reminiscent of the rugged military-style, men’s cargo trousers are the most ideal outfit for a stylish winter leisure time or vacation.

One of the best things about cargo pants is that it was first designed for the military. Now a popular phenomenon in both urban fashion and for the outdoors, it still possesses all the comfortability and practicality of army clothing. Since its introductions back in the 1930s, it remained a sound fashion choice for men.

The design has a chic, urban vibe, with narrow ankles and broader hips. Usually, cargo pants are also crafted with rugged materials, making them feel warm and comfy during winter. The styling choices are quite varied too, with different ways for different occasions all year round.

So, today, let’s find out how to style men’s cargo trousers to look cool and stylish during the winter of 2022 from below.

What Makes a Pants Cargo Trousers?

What Makes a Pants Cargo Trousers


Initially designed for military purposes, cargo pants are constructed for outdoor activities and are tailored with a loose-fitting cut. In addition to the usual trouser pockets, they also come featuring at least two deep pockets around the thighs.

In the winter 2022 collection, you will find cargo trousers in various colors – ranging from military prints to solid hues like navy, khaki, black, offwhite, etc. It’s also not unusual for designer cargo pants to feature some ornamentations and detailings.

Choosing Cargo Pants with Personality.

Choosing Cargo Pants with Personality

While there is a set consensus for the cuts of cargo pants, they still can be slightly different than one another. Usually, they tend to differ in the size and shape of the thigh pockets. They can be covered in the traditional style, or come with a zipper. The size also varies, larger for a loose-fitting, while smaller for a more formal look.

Irrespective of the designs that suit your personality the best, make sure you choose the right fit. Baggy finishes are more suited to the younger people, while a straight leg finish is more suited for a winter bar-b-q with professional friends. Above all, you must consider the comfort factors. Find here the most comfortable and stylish leather pants for men.

How to Style Men’s Cargo Trousers During Winter?

How to Style Men’s Cargo Trousers During Winter

The style depends on the seasons and the purpose. For the outdoors, a camouflage design would be more fashionable. For the indoors, khaki or other solid colors would work just fine. Another rule of thumb is to create a contrast – striking bottom with minimal upper, and vice versa.

If you are a large-pocket person, then you can just put on a hoodie to enhance your comfort. It also works fine with a plain warm tee and chunky sneaker. Whereas, contrasting knitted sweaters can tame the ruggedness of the pants.

Although it’s leisurewear, you can pair men’s cargo trousers with casual winter coats. In fact, a tailored casual blazer with checkers can add a touch of sophistication to your winter outfit. You can also wear it with a leather jacket to turn the heat on!

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