Think Hollywood’s rich and famous don’t have time for spiritual matters?

Think again.

We’ve all heard about Tom Cruise and his involvement with Scientology, but he’s far from the only celebrity with a spiritual interest.

In this post, we’ll reveal 20 spiritual celebrities that prove there’s more to Hollywood than fame and fortune.

1. Julia Roberts

Although raised Catholic, Julia Roberts underwent a spiritual journey in 2009.

During the filming of Eat, Pray, Love in India, Roberts became fascinated by the Hindu religion and culture. Now a practicing Hindu, she regularly takes her family to a local temple to pray, chant, and celebrate their faith.

2. Dave Chappelle

Would it surprise you to learn that stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle is a devout Muslim?

In fact, he left The Chappelle Show in 2005 to make a spiritual pilgrimage to South Africa. Although Islam is often painted in a negative light in the media, Chappelle says that it’s a beautiful religion if you learn it the right way.

3. Madonna

Superstar Madonna has never been shy about her spiritual interests. Like many other spiritual celebrities, Madonna is a devout yogi.

Her interest in the Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism has been highly publicized. And in a recent interview, she said she’s immersed in the concept of blending sexuality with religion.

At this rate, Madonna will soon be searching for a spiritual link in different types of brain waves!

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence is another celebrity with spiritual roots that run deep.

She credits her beliefs with growing up in the “Bible belt” region of Kentucky. Lawrence says she prays every night before she goes to sleep, and that it would feel “strange” if she didn’t.

5. Richard Gere

Like other spiritual celebrities who have embraced Buddhism, Richard Gere devotes much time to his faith.

In 1987, he co-founded the Tibet House, a Buddhist cultural center in New York City. He’s also done a lot of charity work for the Tibetan freedom cause.

6. Denzel Washington

Raised by a Pentecostal minister, Denzel Washington isn’t shy about sharing his religious values.

The famous actor claims to read the Bible every day, along with the Daily Word. In 1995, he also donated $2.5 million to the Pentecostal West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

7. Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen isn’t just an old-school actor–he’s an old-school Catholic too.

In an interview with Salon, Sheen said he’s drawn to the idea that God became human for a time. He admits he’s “not nuts about the institution,” but the faith is his and he takes it with him wherever he goes in the world.

8. Orlando Bloom

Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom isn’t just a pretty face–he’s a deeply spiritual individual.

Since converting to Buddhism in 2007, Bloom has felt a more intense connection to the world around him. He explains that he enjoys using Buddhist philosophy as fuel to go out and live a bigger and more rewarding life.

9. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg may portray some tough, gritty characters on screen, but deep down, his heart belongs to his Irish Catholic faith.

Wahlberg claims he starts every day with 15-20 minutes inside his church to pray. He says his faith is the most important thing in his life and he never tries to hide it.

10. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman’s Jewish roots go back to her upbringing in Israel. Although her parents emigrated to America when she was relatively young, Portman spent most of her summers back in Israel.

She’s now raising her own son in the Jewish faith and loves being in places where she can freely celebrate her religion and culture.

11. Oprah

Although a professed Christian, Oprah openly acknowledges her own take on what it means to be a spiritual person.

In a lecture at Stanford University, Oprah said that life cannot be fulfilled or meaningful without a connection to the spirit. She believes it’s the secret to sustained joy throughout a person’s lifetime.

12. Stephen Colbert

Television host Stephen Colbert credits his religious convictions to his mother.

He believes it’s vital to be grateful for the gift of life, no matter how our individual lives turn out. He feels a deep connection to Jesus and the sacrifice he gave for humanity.

13. Tina Turner

The famous singer grew up attending a Baptist church every Sunday but later became enthralled with Buddhism.

Turner now considers herself a “Baptist Buddhist” and recently released an album featuring lyrics that blend the two beliefs. She feels that love is the fundamental aspect of both religions and therefore they’re perfectly compatible.

14. Nicole Kidman

Although she married Tom Cruise in a Scientology church, Kidman never lost her Catholic roots.

Since that union ended and she’s now remarried to singer Keith Urban, she’s fully embraced her Catholic background once again. She says that her faith is her guiding force in life and she regularly makes time to attend church and go to confession.

15. Liam Neeson

Hollywood actor Liam Neeson was raised Catholic but fell away from his faith for several decades.

It wasn’t until he started researching his role as a Jesuit priest for the film The Mission that he experienced a spiritual reawakening. He re-embraced his Irish Catholic heritage and later said that acting could almost be a form of prayer.

Final Thoughts About Spiritual Celebrities

So, what did you think of our list of spiritual celebrities? Which one surprised you the most?

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