After recent visits to the University of South Florida and the University of Central Florida, Kendrick Meek stopped by the University of Florida Thursday to rally students, a part of the Democratic base whose enthusiasm may be flagging in the late stages of the election.

Alachua County Democratic Party chair Jon Reiskind tackled the elephant in the room, telling the audience that a vote for Charlie Crist would amount to a vote for Marco Rubio as the three-way race approaches the home stretch.

β€œIt’s important to vote your values, not your fears,” he said.

Meek touched on issues important to young people: the environment, the minimum wage and student loans β€” which were overhauled as part of the federal health care bill.

Republicans, he warned, were looking to turn back the progress made in some areas (like student loans) and obstruct it in others (like promoting alternative energy). Meek called on people to encourage others to vote, not just for him, but also for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink.

β€œRick Scott is a very dangerous individual,” he said, referring to Sink’s opponent.

β€œI’m blind to the polls at this point,” he added. Now, with election day less than two weeks away, what matters is getting out the vote.

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