When you think about gifting a bouquet, what flowers do you think of? Roses? Lilies? How about sunflowers and the meaning of sunflowers?

Sunflowers are tall, bright, and bold. They’re the perfect cheery summer flower, but what is the sunflower meaning? Read on to discover the answer of sunflower next to person.

Discover the Meaning of Sunflowers

Like most flowers, they aren’t just beautiful. It has different meaning of sunflowers. Adding some to your next bouquet will help you tell that special someone what you’ve been to say about sunflower meaning.

Worship and Adoration

Have you heard of the Greek nymph Clytie who fell deeply in love? She loved Apollo, God of the Sun, but he didn’t return her feelings and sunflower meaning.

She devoted herself to Apollo, but it didn’t win him over. In a last effort, Clytie turned herself into a flower. This way, she could always be with him by facing the sun. Legend has it, she is still a sunflower, hoping for Apollo to return to her someday.

Today, the sunflower symbolism worship and adoration. They grow tall, stretching up toward the sun. If you want to send the message of how much you adore someone, a bouquet of sunflowers will do the job nicely.

Longevity Compared

Did you know sunflowers are long-lasting compared to other flowers? After they’re cut, they can live up to two weeks in a vase. This makes them the perfect flower to wish someone a long and happy life.

People have long desired long-lasting lives just like the sunflower. One example is in Chinese culture. The imperial family would eat sunflowers in the hopes of immortality.

Sunflowers are also the perfect flower for a summertime wedding. Whether they’re a gift to the bride or a display, they’re a wish for the happy couple to have a long life together and this is the good meaning of sunflowers.

Good Luck for Achievement

Do you know someone starting life after graduation? Or, do you know someone starting their own business adventure? Gift them a sunflower bouquet.

Chinese cultures have also believed sunflowers bring good luck. They believe growing sunflowers in your home will bring safety and good fortune.

Joy and Happiness

Picture a sunflower. Their giant heads and lush yellow petals seem to just radiate pure joy. Being in a field of sunflowers, you can’t help but feel the happiness shine right from them.

A sunflower symbolism arrangement is the perfect gift to wish happiness on almost any occasion. New launches, baby showers, birthdays, graduation, anything worth celebrating is a good time for sunflowers.

Gifts of Friendship

Yellow flowers are traditionally given as gifts of friendship. There is no flower that displays their yellow color quite so proudly more than the sunflower symbolism.

They symbolize a close bond between two people. This could be between friends, lovers, or family members.

Healing and Recovery

Do you know someone recovering from a stay at the hospital? Gift them with a bouquet of sunflowers. Never underestimate the power of a pretty flower.

Studies show that sunflower seeds have positive health benefits. However, gifting them communicates the message of healing and recovery.

For a Bright Future

Many people don’t realize this, but sunflowers were a big part of anti-nuclear revolutions. In 2011, a nuclear power plant faced a radioactive spill. This caused an earthquake and tsunami in Japan. To this day, the plan emits radioactive substances into the soil around it.

The community decided to launch a project to try to absorb the toxicity. They planted thousands of sunflowers and called it “Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project.”

Studies show that sunflowers absorb radiation from the soil faster than most plants. These sunflowers became a symbol of hope to restore Japan and move on to a better future. Today, sunflowers are given as gifts to wish anyone for a bright future.

Way of Source Focus

Eating sunflower seeds is a great way to source focus. They help your brain key in on important factors when it’s time for a test or important project.

Therefore, they symbolize boosting encouragement when given as a gift. If you know someone facing a challenge, you might want to consider giving them a sunflower.

Who knows, they might be just what you need for that important meeting or an upcoming test.

Provision of Nutrition

Long ago, in 3000BC, sunflowers were a natural food source. Hunters and gatherers would collect them and grind their seeds into flour. They would use this flour to make bread. They would also squeeze their seeds to get oil for cooking.

It wasn’t until later, sunflowers were domesticated in farms in North America, becoming popular in the west. These flowers have gone from being hunted for their nutrition to thriving in farms. To this day, we still eat sunflower seeds and use sunflower oil.

Freedom and Liberation

Have you ever driven past a wild sunflower? Seeing one outside of a farm represents freedom and liberation. Sunflowers seem to stretch out wherever they are, enjoying their freedom and owning the space they’re in.

Because of their history as food, sunflowers have become a symbol of provision. Sure, they provide love and joy, but they also provide a good amount of nutrition and health beneficial flower and this is the great sunflower symbolism.

Your Personal Lucky Charm Sunflower Next to Person

Have you ever wished on a sunflower? They’re considered lucky if you find one in the wild. Whenever you see a wild sunflower, close your eyes and make a wish and the meaning of sunflowers.

Whatever the sunflower symbolism may be for you, there’s no denying that they’re lovely for every occasion. If you’re looking for more great gift ideas or simply a way to spruce up the place.

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