Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is investigating allegations of deception at five for-profit higher education companies: Kaplan Inc., the University of Phoenix, MedVance Institute, Argosy University and Everest University.

The allegations include misrepresentations regarding financial aid, unfair and deceptive practices regarding recruitment, enrollment, accreditation, placement and graduation rates, according to the attorney general’s website.

Some attorneys general in other states have investigated individual institutions, but no investigation has been as comprehensive as this.

According to the Sun Sentinel,

Hearings from the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee, as well as an investigation by the Government Accountability Office, found misleading and questionable practices at 15 schools during an undercover investigation. The office identified potential fraud at campuses of two companies McCollum is investigating: Kaplan College in Pembroke Pines, which has suspended enrollment of new students, and MedVance in Miami.

During that investigation, admissions officers at both schools told an undercover applicant not to worry about paying back student loans. And at Kaplan, an admissions officer told the applicant the school has the same accreditation as Harvard and the University of Florida.

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