Bill McCollum has filed paperwork with the Division of Elections disclosing his relationships with a pair of tax-exempt 527 organizations connected to his campaign, the same day as a group funded by his opponent debuted its first ad.

McCollum had drawn scrutiny for failing to file the forms before soliciting money for the Florida First Initiative, which has run ads attacking Rick Scott, his opponent in the Republican primary for Governor. He disclosed his connection to both Florida First and the Sunshine State Freedom Fund Friday.

The groups, named for the provision that exempts them from taxes, are shaping up to play an important role in the race, helping both candidates pay for attack ads.

Let’s Get to Work, a 527 group launched by Scott, debuted its first ad today. Scott filed his disclosure form, known as a “statement of solicitation,” earlier this week.

The new group may help Scott fund his costly campaign without exceeding the $24.9 million thresholds, which would give McCollum’s campaign access to public funds.

Let’s Get to Work’s ad purports to “fact check” McCollum (though it doesn’t actually assess his claims), and takes him to task for opposing an Arizona-style immigration law:

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