Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, along with A.G.-elect Pam Bondi, announced the filing of a motion responding to the federal government’s call for a multi-state lawsuit confronting President Obama’s health care legislation to be tossed.

The attorney general’s office filed the motion as part of a procedure in response to a U.S. Department of Justice motion for summary judgement asking for the lawsuit to be thrown out by a federal judge in Florida’s Northern District.

Florida is one of numerous states to join in a lawsuit calling Obama’s health care legislation unconstitutional. The primary argument in the lawsuit is that the so-called “individual mandate” that states all citizens must maintain health care coverage violates citizens’ rights to free choice when it comes to commerce.

In a press release, McCollum said he filed the motion along with Bondi, who made the health care lawsuit a cornerstone of her campaign for attorney general. Her opponent, Dan Gelber, vowed to drop the suit, while Bondi blasted Obama’s health care legislation throughout her run for office.

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