Among the mattress types, you need to identify the best one for you. By doing such, you rule out the style that suits your tastes and keeps you satisfied. Both you and your mattress should be a match made in heaven to grant you sleep that boosts your daily mood. With this, learn about the mattress types below and fall in love as it gives you your preferences:

What Are The Different Mattress Types?

You would have to choose between five mattress types – ranging from innerspring, foam, hybrid, gel-foam, and air mattresses. Each one has its upsides and downsides, so it’s best to know them before buying one.

Ultimately, by discovering the mattress types for you, you can now go on to buying the best mattress type there is. With this, News Week has a lot to offer you as they have the best beds of 2021. Here, quality beds are found from all the different mattresses, thus granting you comfortability, support, and even accessibility!

Innerspring Mattresses

Perfect Mattress

The innerspring mattress is a traditional bed composed of a layer of coils, then layered with a plush and comfortable material. Different layers are combined to give you comfort, which could be natural fibers, foam, or even latex.


The springs of this mattress could greatly vary in size, shape, and number. You could add more coils to give you more back support or look for one with fewer coils to provide you with a softer feel. With this, you would be able to change the firmness of your innerspring mattress according to your needs. Additionally, you don’t have to pay too much when buying this mattress as it’s effortless on your wallet.


Coils of the innerspring bed could be a downside as years pass by because they could wear out. As they get older, your bed could become too noisy as you move around, which may disrupt you when you sleep. Additionally, innerspring mattresses wear out quicker than foam mattresses do, and they offer minor pressure relief for your joints.

Foam Mattresses

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The foam mattress is made to give you softness and support in one go. This mattress has four layers consecutively: the base layer, support foam, memory foam, and lastly, the topper.


With the foam mattress, motion and noise aren’t at all possible as it traps in both. Likewise, it’s also softer for sleepers who have pain in their joints. Thus, if you’re a restless sleeper who tosses and turns in bed, the foam mattress is best suitable for you.


Motion or noise isn’t all the foam mattress traps, as it also absorbs heat. Thus, for the hot sleepers, it’s best to get a mattress that is cooler to satisfy you. And if you don’t want to sink when sleeping, you’d have to find another bed to give you more support.

Hybrid Mattresses

What is Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a new addition to the types as they provide you a mixture of springs and foam. If you want a balance between the both, you could get mattress type hybrid for your bedroom.


Hybrid mattresses offer you comfortability without the feeling of sinking and support with extra pressure relief for your spine. Additionally, these are quieter than the spring and keeps you more relaxed than the foam.


Because it’s a combination of high-quality materials, it can be expensive. So if you’re on a budget, this could be a complete downside for you. Likewise, it’s not as great at motion transfer compared to the foam mattress as well.

Gel-Foam Mattresses

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The gel foam could also be considered memory foam. But, this bed differs as it’s infused with gel beads that create a breathable layer for you to sleep in.


The gel foam is ideal for hot sleepers as it keeps you cool through the night. This bed regulates your temperature to keep you comfortable, and it’s also gentle on your spine alignment, joints, and hips.


With the tech-infused properties and quality materials, the gel foam could hurt your wallet. But, if you’re willing to spend to get this comfy cushion, then you won’t have to worry about anything!

Air Mattresses

Air Mattresses

Although air beds are commonly used when camping or traveling, they step up their game comfort and support department. It’s also convenient when you want something fast and easy!


You could easily acquire air beds as they’re available at an affordable price. Likewise, their firmness can be customizable as you only need to set the pump with how firm you want it to be.


With an air bed, you get shorter warranties, and the pump could easily break. With this, you’d have to buy a new pump to get a good night’s sleep. Additionally, the pumps could be a turn-off as they can be pretty noisy.


Just like matchmaking, mattress buying also needs to go through effort and time as you get to know your mattress type better. And by understanding the classes above, you’re fully knowledgeable of what each kind has to offer. So, discover and find your mattress type match now!

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