8 out of 10 online stores fail within 2 years, mostly due to bad branding and marketing.

Even if you’re not in e-commerce, it’s extremely important to focus on marketing rather than hone in just your products. For this, you need to bring in the help of pros.

If you’re wondering if you should hire a marketing team or outsource a marketing agency, then read on.

We’ll show you the pros and cons of each

Marketing Team

There are two ways of having a marketing team for your company: employees and freelancers. Many companies use both, so you can consider doing so too.

Here are the pros and cons of hiring your own marketing team.


The main benefit is you’ll save a lot of money. All you have to pay for is their salaries and any campaigns they want to do.

In addition, you’re right there in the office with them (except for the freelancers, who may come in occasionally). This makes it very easy to bounce ideas off one another.

Also, because you hand-pick every worker, there’s a better chance of everyone getting along.


If you hire freelancers, you’ll have additional payroll rules to deal with. They can always get W2 online, but it still may be more of a headache for accounting.

Also, finding the right team to mesh with one another might be time-consuming. However, once you do, it’ll be a dream team.

Marketing Agency

What is a marketing agency? It’s a company full of professionals who will hit those marketing goals for you.

Here are the pros and cons of hiring one.


Because you’re paying them top-dollar, agencies are highly driven to get you results. Not only that, but they’ll get them fast.

This is because they’ve already put together talented teams that can have a farther reach across different platforms and channels. This may be a far wider reach than any in-house team you put together.


Many will be strong-willed in taking your company a certain direction. As a result, this can cause you to butt heads with people. Your employees may also feel threatened, as they may feel they’re not good enough since you had to seek outside help.

Marketing agencies also usually have more than 1 client at a time, so they may not be completely focused on you. However, good companies should be able to handle multiple clients without dropping in quality for any.

Also, they’re much more expensive than having a company marketing team. If you’re on a budget, then a marketing agency may not be ideal for you.

Choose the Marketing Solution That’s Right for You

For some companies, having just an internal marketing team makes sense. For others, it makes more sense to outsource to a marketing agency.

There’s no right or wrong answer, so it’s completely up to you to assess your company’s situation and determine the best route for you. Hopefully, our article’s offered some insight to help you make this decision.

Are you thinking of searching “marketing agencies near me”? Then get in touch with us now. We’ll help you with your marketing needs.

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