Finding that perfect pair of glasses is a great moment. Whether you’ve combed the high street and searched high and low or you’ve virtually tried on thousands of frames online, when you know you’ve found frames that tick all the boxes, it’s a pivotal moment.

So, when you’ve finally found a perfect set of frames it makes sense to preserve them for as long as possible, reduce waste and get the most out of your investment! Here we’ll explore how you can make your gorgeous glasses last longer with these easy maintenance tips.

Check out the tips below

Get a second pair

Yes, you’ve just found the perfect pair, but to preserve them and make your eyewear last longer, consider purchasing a second pair of frames. This eyewear tag team means that you’ll reduce the amount of wear and tear on a single set of frames and keep them both for longer! You can find out more about shopping online for new glasses, by clicking the link.

Always rinse

Got something smeared on your glasses? It’s almost second nature to reach for your sleeve or a cloth to quickly wipe it away. However, as convenient as this is, it could be causing more harm than good. Particles for dust or grit could be resting on your lenses and when you began to vigorously wipe the marks of your glasses, you could be inadvertently damaging your lenses.

Always rinsing your glasses before you wipe them clean ensures that any grit or abrasive particles are washed away before you clean them.

Grip carefully

It’s a habit to grip the arm joint of your glasses to give them a good clean, however, over time this can weaken the joint and leave your glasses loose and wobbly. When cleaning your glasses, get into the habit of gripping them by the nose bridge. This will keep your glasses in good shape and feeling comfortable for months to come.

Store them properly – every time!

When it’s late at night and we’re desperate to sleep or we’re in a rush in the morning and need to jump in the shower, it’s easy to rip your glasses from your face and place them down on the nearest flat surface. However, failing to place them in a proper case can lead to accidents, lost frames and even exposure to dust, grime and dirt.

Get into the habit of putting your glasses away in a case when you’re no using them. Even a simple, soft case is perfect for having on your bedside table or desk at work for those moments when you want to give your eyes a break.

Don’t place them lens down!

This is self-explanatory. If you continue to place your glasses lens down, then you’re going to end up with scratched and damaged lenses! Always fold them correctly and keep them in a case when you can.

And finally, wash them!

Did you know that to keep your glasses in the best possible condition, all you have to do is wash them once a day? This keeps smears, dirt and grime at bay and your eyes will thank you if they don’t have to strain through yesterdays grease!

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