Summers are approaching and you may have noticed vacation posters and marketing across the United States. With tour companies spending millions on marketing each year in the United States, tourism remains to be a big part of the country’s economy. There are many Americans who prefer to travel outside the States to spend a vacation, while some would like to explore the vast landscape of their country. Or in this case, the beautiful sandy beaches of crab island Destin Florida.

Crab Island has caught a lot of attention in the media lately with many tourists flocking there to have a party of their lifetime. The island sees all sorts of people going there to enjoy the party scene, however, with the recent investments made by travel companies in floaties, watersport activities, restaurants, and more, crab island Destin Florida now offers more to a wider range of audience than a notorious party scene.

Crab Island is the most visited destination in Florida, especially its sandbar. Perfect for a quick summer vacation, crab island offers more than you would think. Although away from the busy city life, Destin is not so quiet as it sees more than 5 million visitors annually. So, what is so special about crab island? Our guide will help you with everything you need to know before your trip to crab island Destin Florida.

What is crab island?

What is crab island

The perfect suntan, the crystal clear water, and the soft sands of the beaches shout only two words for the average American, Crab Island. Destin, a small city located in Florida, was once a small fishing village now sees a flourishing tourism economy with millions flocking there each year to witness the gorgeous beaches and beautiful people to have a stunning time. There are a lot of things to do in crab island Destin Florida so stick around until the end if you’re planning to visit the place soon. We will go through everything that you need to know before your trip to crab island Destin Florida.

Fun things to do on crab island

Since crab island has water around it, expect a lot of water sport activities to indulge in. It’s the perfect place to beat the heat during summer. Here are a couple of things you can do at crab island Destin Florida.

Water volleyball

Walking around crab island Destin Florida you may realize that there are a lot of volleyball nets in the water. This is a perfect activity for large families, groups, or even if you’re going solo. Simply approach those that are playing and ask to join their team for a game of water volleyball. However, if you’re looking to have a separate game then you can always rent volleyball nets from the shacks or shops nearby. You can even find basketball and smash ball, all incorporated with water.

Dolphin watching

crab island Destin Florida has sprawling marine life and since the waters are clear, it’s a great place to relax and watch the marine life. Many people enjoy sitting watching dolphins in the water as it comes very close to the shore. People can interact with marine life if they feel like, otherwise simply sitting and witnessing shawls of fish or dolphins in the water is more serene than you would think.

Jet ski rentals

This is one of the most demanding things for tourists. Many rent out jet skis and water boats. Jet ski is for quick fun while water boats can be hired by families or friends to wander in the waters or have a nice calm picnic in the calm waters of crab island Destin Florida. You can even buy tickets for a cruise from one point to the other. The cruise comes with a tourist that will enlighten you with the history of crab island Destin Florida and how it transformed from a small fishing city to a lively tourist destination.

Adventure parks

These are the biggest source of revenue generation for crab island Destin Florida. Adventure parks and marine parks attract huge crowds annually because of the unique animal shows they conduct. The best thing about these parks is that they take care of their animals very well thus earning the respect of customers who flock to these places every time they are at crab island.

Kickoff party

Yes, you heard that right. Just like Thailand is famous for its moon party which is held once a year, crab island Destin Florida has a kick-off party in may every year. The party includes a DJ, a huge dance floor, non-stop drinks, party games and more making it a great activity for those looking to blow off a lot of steam. Be Careful, we do enjoy parties but responsible drinking should be your top priority.

Floating vendors

You don’t want to miss interacting with floating vendors. Yes there are complete restaurants, shops and

The mystery behind the watercolor

crab island Destin Florida has the prettiest of waters across the states. The emerald green water can sometimes appear a clear pretty blue color. You won’t find such a picturesque scene in the United States and there is a clear reason for that. Hightide is the best time when you should visit crab island Destin Florida. During high tides, the water from the Gulf of Mexico enters Choctawhatchee bay which creates this beautiful sparkling green-blue water.

Since the dept is only about a couple of feet, the sandy bottom can be seen easily as the water is clear. With the sun reflecting from the sand at the bottom surface, it creates this gorgeous glow and depending on the condition of the water and sand the color will vary between shades of green to blue. The conditions for such colors are the number of algae in the water, salt saturation, clarity, and sunlight reflection. It is a true marvel of nature to witness such a sight as the water glistens like jewels.

Why choose Destin Florida?

Why choose Destin Florida

There are many reasons why you should choose crab island Destin Florida as your next vacation or simply a place where you would want to move.

The fishing scene at crab island Destin Florida is top-notch. Known as the luckiest fishing village, crab island is home to many different types of marine life. Destin is also home to the largest fishing fleet in the States where people can rent boats and go fishing. If you’re into fishing, then Destin is the perfect place to go on a vacation or even move.

Destin has sandy sunny beaches filled with water sports activities like parasailing, water volleyball, jet skis, and more. It’s a great destination in the United States if you’re a fan of beaches. Instead of Thailand, hope on a boat to Destin to witness what the US has to offer.

The place has great biodiversity that is home to different species of algae, fishes, and animals. You can visit and view different animals at the parks where they are treated well. Animals are part of musicals or tricks entertaining people. It’s not only a great destination for nature lovers but also scientists who are looking to learn the natural habitat of the area.

How much does it cost?

Crab Island Destin Florida is an accessible area to all. There are no entry fees for getting into crab island. However, you will have to pay for a boat trip to and from the island. This is because you can not drive to the area as it is only accessible by boat. You would need to pay for activities, food, and accommodation. You can get a tour package that includes boat rides and some activities for $69 a person.

If you’re looking to spend a weekend in crab island Destin Florida then expect to have around $1,500 for a week’s trip. For two people, it could reach anywhere between $2,800 to $3,000. Food can cost you around $120 a day which is almost half of the entire budget. This is because tourist destinations charge a lot more than the average rate across the United States.

How to get to crab island Destin Florida?

Okay, so let’s clear this out first. If you want to get mesmerized by the sandy beaches of crab island Destin Florida then you would need to go through a bit of an effort. Many people think that they can walk or swim or even drive to crab island Destin Florida, however, there is no means of transportation to crab island besides in a boat. So yeah if you were thinking about swimming, the tides are too strong and will not allow you. Your only way of transportation will be by chartering a boat or renting one. Think about pontoon rentals as they can accommodate 12 people and are a cheaper way to travel than chartering a boat. You can easily get a boat from Destin to travel to crab island.

We do recommend renting a boat rather than coming with a tour. Renting a boat is a great way to not get stuck in one place. If you’re done with sightseeing you can easily go back however if you were on a tour, you’d have to wait until the tour end timings to go back. Both are a great option but look at what is convenient for you. Many adventurers would want to travel in a paddleboat but the current can be too strong at times making it difficult to paddle.

The reason why we don’t suggest swimming up to crab island even if you believe you can make it is because of the traffic. With so many fishing boats, rented boats, pontoons, and more roaming in the waters, swimming can become highly dangerous.

Is it safe there?

Crab Island is completely safe once you get off the boat and hit your feet on the sandy shores. You can stroll from one corner to the other without any trouble or getting worried about crime. There is nowhere for anyone to go if they were to steal, hence you won’t find such activities at crab island.

The thing to keep in mind is the mode of transportation. Swimming is considered to be highly dangerous due to rapid currents and enormous water traffic. Collision with boats or drowning can be lethal as the nearby medical center could be a bit out of the way. Hence, don’t go into the water before you reach crab island.

What to eat?

What to eat

In our opinion, the best part of crab island is the floating vendors. Nowhere in the western world will you find such a scene except Venice. It is great to have lunch on the shimmering shores of crab island or in a rocking boat under the warm sun with cool breezes. There are many floating vendors around the area serving food like chicken burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs, pizzas, and more. You can even find ice cream to cool off if the heat is too much to take. The number of floating vendors varies according to the day of the week. You might find a lot more vendors on the weekend than on a weekday. This is because tourists flock to the area on weekends and floating vendors see this as an opportunity to increase their sales.

Besides floating vendors, there are also floating restaurants. How cool is that?! Places like harbor dock, boshamps, and more can be accessible by boat and offer exotic cuisine specializing in seafood. You may find dishes like pad thai, crab cakes, grilled fish, and more giving you an experience of being in a tropical country like Thailand.

There is also a BBQ place by the name of Jim & Nicks BBQ who offers packaged lunch for tourists. Visitors can drive in their boats up to their shop and get a package to go to enjoy on their boat as they go across crab island. This saves on a lot of time giving you more opportunities to do other things before it gets dark like parasailing or any other watersports.

Why do they call it the crab island?

The way the island was coined “crab island” is pretty interesting. You may think that due to the marine wildlife from dolphins to fishes to sea birds and more, people have named the place crab island. However, that is not the case. Although there is plenty of marine life to constitute this island as a crab island, the story is pretty different from that.

If you hover on top of the island by taking a ride in a helicopter, you will notice that the island is shaped like a crab. Besides the shape, you will find thousands of crustaceans more specifically crabs at the bottom of the sandbar. This has led the locals to name the island crab island.

Here’s a fun fact that might surprise you. Crab Island is simply a name and is not an island. Well, it was an island thousands of years ago until the waves started eroding it leaving a sandbar behind.

How long to stay?

There is no certain number of days to spend at any place as it is all dependent upon the type of traveler you are. If you prefer a bit of peace and calm, crab island will provide you all of that. With floating restaurants to fill you up throughout the day, calming waves to spend your afternoons, and walk on the beach can be great for those looking to have some relaxing time. You may stay as long as you like, however, we would recommend not staying over a week. You can enjoy all the rides and attractions within a week, hence keep a week in your mind before planning your trip.

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys the hustle and bustle of city life, then a small getaway to crab island is perfect for you. A quick weekend would be the right amount of time to get to know what the United States has to offer. You might feel restricted once you’re there since the place is too serene and can get a bit boring for those who enjoy a fast life.

Depending on what kind of a person you are, we recommend staying anywhere between 2 to 7 days.

Shark seeing

Neighborhoods to crab island provide a conducive habitat for sharks to live in. Seeing a shark at crab island Destin Florida shouldn’t shock anyone as they do sprawl around the area. However, it is to be noted that there are different types of sharks in this world and most of them are small in size.

When scared we at times might even consider big fish as a shark. However, one must understand that not all sharks are big and not all sharks are considered to be a threat. The Atlantic shark nose and the bonnethead are the two main types of small sharks found in the waters of crab island. Blacktip sharks are also found in the waters and they’re medium-sized. These sharks feed on marine life from smaller fishes to crustaceans and more.

There are, however, two large species of shark found around crab island which may deter tourists. These are known as the bull shark and tiger shark which can often grow up to 20 ft in size.

So, the main question is whether these sharks are dangerous. As far as sharks go, they are considered to be predators with strong jaws. Even the smaller ones. So if you thought that you’d approach a small shark to give it a quick pat on the back, then know that the risks of doing that and injuring yourself are quite high. However, if you choose to view these sharks from afar, they won’t consider you as a threat and therefore won’t attack.

The stats of death due to drowning is quite high in comparison to deaths caused by a shark attack in the United States. Although Florida is high up in the shark attacks death across the country, it is still a minimal number when compared to other things. This is because sharks are often shy creatures that prefer not to attack humans for feeding purposes. They’d rather indulge in sea critters and fishes rather than humans. However, they will not back down if they find you as a threat.

Crab Island is a great place to witness different species of sharks from your boat and therefore many flocks to the area for shark seeing. You can always make your adventures a lot safer by following our advice on avoiding shark encounters.

  1. Stay away from the waters during the night
  2. Bright clothing or shimmering jewelry can mistake you for a sea critter which can attract sharks. Wear light clothes and avoid jewelry or accessories that might reflect light.
  3. Avoiding swimming in areas where people are fishing. These areas can attract the sharks and could lead to a potentially deadly encounter.
  4. Avoid waters at all times even if you think that the small shark does not present any threat. The risk could injure you or even lead to death if no one is around to help you out.

Is it ok to bring your children with you?

We’ve not focused too much on the party scene of crab island because there is a lot more to do than just a party. This is our way of showing that crab island Destin Florida is a kid-friendly vacation spot. Kids will enjoy the marine shows, adventure parks, and all the water sports. It’s a great place for families to get together as most of the activities involve pairs like water volleyball, water basketball, fishing, and more.

If you’re still concerned that the kids might be influenced by all the drinking, you may be a bit misinformed in that department. In 2019, a new law was passed that banned the sale of alcohol in crab island. So, you don’t need to worry about the place being an adult getaway. Kids can have more fun as there are so many activities catered to kids. Bring some family games with you and floats for your kids to have an unforgettable time. They’re going to love it! If you’re looking to avoid the party scene, then plan a trip during the weekdays.

Living arrangements

There are a lot of accommodation options at Destin Florida near the harbor catering to tourists looking to visit crab island. These accommodations can be found around 0.5 miles to the harbor and can be seen across the city. Staying near the harbor, although a bit expensive, is a great way to enjoy your vacations as you will be near all the activities. Restaurants, bars, and nightlife attractions are just a walk away.

There are even condos out on rent for tourists that have their private pool and beach. Yes, you heard that right, private beaches! You will find all sorts of accommodation arrangements at Destin.


This is one of the biggest concerns tourists have. Is there a bathroom at crab island? Technically, your boat should have one if you’ve come as a tour group. Usually, large boats have a small washroom either at the back of the boat or front. You can ask your driver. However, if your boat does not have a washroom then there are no public toilets available at crab island. Prepare to pay local vendors to use their toilet on their boat or approach a vendor that is well-known to offer portable washrooms…at a cost, of course.

What to bring along(backpacking)

Since you’re going to a sunny beach crab island Destin Florida and it might be a couple of days before you’re back to a proper city, there are a couple of things on our list we believe you should take.

Towels: This should be your number one priority. You need a towel if you’re going to a beach, either to dry yourself or throw shrug away the sand.

Sunscreen: This is also a must-have. Get sunscreen to cover yourself up from the heat. Although the sun might not be too hot at times, it is always better to bring sunscreen in case temperatures rise.

Cash: Crab island Destin Florida does not have a withdrawal ATM and the vendors at crab island do not accept card payments. Have enough cash with you to last you your time at crab island. You will be needing it to pay for activities, food, rentals, and more.

ID Card: An official valid ID card is required to rent a boat. Without a boat, you can not get to crab island Destin Florida. It is important to keep your ID card with you at all times.

Satchel: You need to have a man-purse or a satchel with you on a trip like this. Since you’ll be carrying cash and your ID card with sunscreen and other small accessories, carrying the entire backpack can be a burden. Get a small purse or satchel to accompany you on your trip for all your accessories.

Sunglasses: The sun can get too hot at times and we recommend taking some sunglasses with you or a hat to protect yourself from the heat.

These are some of the essential things you should be carrying with you to crab island. However, there are other things you can consider taking with you if you have space.

Powerbank: You need to have a fully charged power bank to provide fuel to your electronic devices like MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras, and other electronic devices.

Games: Consider taking a football or a volleyball. You can also bring card games, board games, and even drinking games. Whatever you think will help you and your mates or family members to have a great time.

Floaties: If you have kids with you or simply looking to have a good time on your own, floaties are a great way to relax in the water and soak up the sun.

There are a lot of things you can take with you depending on the space you have in your back-ups such as Bluetooth speaker, camera equipment, and more. Don’t forget to take a couple of trash bags to throw your waste in.


Many people mistake the alcohol ban for a complete ban but that is not the case. The 2019 law states that the sale of alcohol on crab island Destin Florida is prohibited. Note that the law does not categorically mention a ban on the consumption of alcohol. This means that visitors can bring their alcohol with them in a cooler. There is no ban on “open container” which means that visitors can drink in public and even on boats. However, if you’re drinking in the city of Destin, then do get a driver to drive you around as drinking and driving can be dangerous to not only you but those around.

What to eat on crab island Destin Florida?

As we have mentioned before, there are many options for tourists to choose from when it comes to eating. Crab Island Destin Florida has a lot of floating vendors around who sell all sorts of western cuisine from burgers to sandwiches, pork, and more. If you’re up for exotic foods or foreign cuisine then take a visit to one of the floating restaurants that specialize in international foods. You can also carry food with you from Destin to save on money. There is no shortage of food at crab island.

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