None of us want to get caught up in the middle of a nightmarish scenario where we realize that our drinking water is compromised. We all need that liquid gold to survive. So, it makes complete sense to make sure your drinking water is safe, a top priority. Fortunately, we live in a day and age where it’s easier than ever to accomplish this.

Let’s take a look at four surefire ways

1. Iodine Tablets

Modern innovation is a beautiful thing. Some brilliant minds somewhere managed to create iodine tablets, which when dropped in an otherwise potentially dirty container of water, will kill viruses and other nasty bacteria. However, some folks don’t particularly enjoy the taste of iodine tablets, and pregnant women can’t consume water that’s been mixed with iodine tablets. If you end up using an iodine tablet in your water, make sure that you partially screw off the lid of the water container and drain the iodine residue.

2. Boiling

While boiling water will get the job done and purify that water, it’s not exactly the ideal way to ensure that you have clean drinking water. If it’s a hot summer day the last thing that you’re going to want to do is drink down some hot/warm water. Plus, when you’re done boiling the water, you’ll still have to filter it to remove any unwanted particles. But if boiling water is your only way to lock down a source of pure water, absolutely give it a go.

3. Chlorine Drops

Much like the earlier mentioned iodine tablets, chlorine drops are another chemical that can effectively kill all that gnarly bacteria that’s lying around in the water. They’re also lightweight and affordable. Just make sure that you wait at least 30 minutes before consuming any water that’s been purified with chlorine. Also, it’s important to not add too much chlorine to the water or it can become toxic.

4. Water Filter

Water filters are becoming increasingly common in households. It’s no wonder because it literally improves the water you drink. We’re talking about improvement just in that it makes the water safe to drink, but we’re also talking about a better taste. It’s shocking how much some of those unwanted chemicals and other contaminants can vastly negatively impact the taste of your water. If you end up opting for the water filter just make sure that you replace the filter after some usage, and then replace the filter itself when you’ve treated at least several gallons of water.

We’ve touched on some of the key ways that you can go about making sure that your water supply is clean and safe to drink. The world outside our doors right now is scary enough, thanks to the Coronavirus. Now is a better time than ever before to assess those areas in your life that you have direct control over, where you can take proactive measures to safeguard your well-being. Starting with something like making sure that all the water in your household is safe for consumption, is a great first step. Grayl Geopress Review: The best water purification bottle when you are on travel. This epic bottle will save your water as you need.

Maybe that’ll result in you designing a small kitchen. In that kitchen, you might have all the appliances necessary to deliver every member of your household clean water. Consider such a project to be a worthwhile investment in your long-term health. You can’t put a price on the value of your well-being. Plus, with all that purified water you could find yourself actually enjoying the taste of water like never before.

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