The Internet is full of great homes that are on the market. Homebuyers will have no problem finding plenty of listings.

As a real estate agent, this presents a challenge as well as an opportunity. Thanks to new technologies, it’s easier than ever to reach new clients. But there’s also much more competition.

How can you make your realty listings stand out above the noise? Follow these tips to create top-quality listings that will catch a lot of eyes.

Great Realty Listings Create a Narrative

Any novice real estate agent can create realty listings full of run-on sentences and bullet points.

While that style is straightforward, it’s also boring and doesn’t capture any imaginations.

To make a listing that will stand out, you need to craft a narrative. Take the reader on a journey through the home.

A homebuyer should be able to picture themselves waking up in the morning, going downstairs for a cup of coffee, and relaxing in the den with the daily newspaper. They should be able to imagine themselves cooking up dinner in the kitchen while watching their children play in the backyard through the window.

If you can transport a reader and give them the sensation that they already live in the home, you’ve quickly carved out a small space in their heart. Driving a narrative puts you that much closer to selling the house.

Highlight Unique Amenities

The homes that stand out the most are the ones that are unique. The ones that have special features that don’t come standard in every home.

Does the home have a pool, a screened patio, or a big fenced-in backyard? Does the kitchen have a walk-in pantry or an island? Can you easily fit two cars plus a workbench and power tools in the garage?

These are the things that turn a basic house into something more exceptional. Be sure to highlight them on your realty listings.

Drop Some Names

If the home comes with full or partial furnishings, it’s helpful to share the names of the brands.

Some buyers have a strong brand loyalty to certain companies when it comes to appliances. Seeing those names on realty listings can make your home a frontrunner for these people.

For others, they don’t care about the particular brand so much as they just appreciate knowing what the brands are. It’s a way to verify that, yes, this home is appropriately furnished with quality products.

Photos, Photos, Photos!

Perhaps the most important part of any listing is the visuals. Face it, you can’t sell a home without pictures.

Here are some must-have photos for your listing:

  • Front of house (show off that curb appeal)
  • Back of house
  • Backyard
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Each Bedroom and Bathroom
  • Special Amenities (pool, walk-in closet, etc.)

The more pictures, the better. Buyers want to get a solid idea of the house before committing to a visit, so lots of photos give them more reassurance.

Edit Together a Video Tour

Along with photos, videos help buyers picture themselves in your listed home.

In many ways, video can be even more effective. Photos can be easily doctored or cropped to portray something other than reality. It’s much tougher to do that with video, so creating a video house tour will make homebuyers even more comfortable.

As an alternative to traditional video, consider investing in a 360? camera for a fully interactive viewing experience.

Realty Listings Depend on SEO

Most buyers start their search for a new home by heading to Google. They type in the location they’re searching in and a few other words related to what they want.

In order to get them to find your listing in the first place, you need to make writing for search engine optimization a priority.

The first thing to keep in mind is keywords. You can do keyword research and find out which keywords home buyers in your area are searching for. The right keywords can boost your listing’s results ranking, but be careful – overstuffing these keywords can actually hurt your SEO.

Of course, you’ll also want to clearly display the city or town your home is in on your listing. If you have Nampa MLS Listings, you should make it clear the house is in Nampa, Idaho.

Words aren’t the only things that affect SEO. Other factors such as website security, loading speed, and online reviews can impact where you appear on search engines as well.

Check Spelling and Grammar

If you’re a realtor, a big chunk of your career is writing listings like these. Realty listings full of spelling and grammar mistakes are a bad look. Those errors can hurt your credibility.

With today’s technology, typos are easy to avoid.

Most writing software and web browsers have automatic mistake checkers built in. On top of that, apps like Grammarly can parse your document and look for any problems.

Although those programs are a big help, they don’t always catch everything. Be sure to proofread on your own at least twice before publishing. It wouldn’t hurt to have your spouse, a friend, or a fellow agent glance over it as well.

Watch Your Word Choice

Diction goes a long way to crafting a winning listing.

Certain words have proven to be more effective at selling a house. One study found that a home described as “beautiful” can sell 15% faster than ones that don’t use that term on their listing.

Other words can be a detriment. Mentioning that the house “must sell” shows desperation, indicating that other buyers have rejected the house. Buyers might prefer to move on to a different listing.

Ideal word choice isn’t only about picking which words to use and which to avoid. It’s also about keeping those fluff words in moderation.

Imagine shopping for a car and the salesperson attaches two adjectives to every noun. Not only would it get annoying, it would be suspicious. Anything that requires so much support can’t possibly meet those expectations.

Learn More About Real Estate

Crafting eye-catching realty listings is an art form. Try following these tips to draw more interest and faster home sales.

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